Smash Hits 1980

2-7-13                         Smash Hits (Vol. 2 No. 3) February 7th – 20th, 1980

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On 2/10/68 The Bee Gees 45 “Words” charts at No. 8 in England.  On 2/7/76 the War 45 “Low Rider” charts at No. 12 in England.  On 2/9/74 the Suzi Quatro 45 “Devil Gate Drive” charts at No. 1 in England.  And on February 9th:  Happy birthday, Ernest Tubb! (Born 1914).

Oh, no!  The Police!  Gorgeous RevillosNew Musik “Living By Numbers” gets their lyrics printed.  Queen’s new single is “Save Me”.  The Vapors “Turning Japanese” gets mentioned.  Glamourous color centerfold of vintage ’66 The WhoThe Ramones are being talked about.  So is Joe JacksonDexy’s Midnight Runners!


  • Neil Innes “Theme” (Polydor Records)
  • The Korgis “I Just Can’t Help It” (Rialto Records)  Didn’t they used to be Stackridge?
  • Flying Lizards “TV” (Virgin Records) David Cunningham
  • Psychedelic Furs “Sister Europe” (CBS Records)


  • The Flying Lizards (Virgin Records) David Cunningham
  • Jon & Vangelis “Short Stories” (Polydor Records) Jon Anderson of Yes
  • John Foxx “Metamatic” (Virgin Records) former Ultravox member
  • The Buggles “The Age of Plastic” (Island Records)


  • Friday February 8, 1980 – Gang of Four, Retford Porterhouse
  • Saturday February 9, 1980 – The Revillos, Durham University
  • Friday 15, 1980 – Orchestral Manoeuvres, Liverpool Eric’s

I didn’t know about the Neil Innes 45 at the time, otherwise I’d still own a copy of it today.  Didn’t notice The Korgis…yet.  Wasn’t particularly interested in The Flying Lizards, but I liked their album better than their 45’s I’d been hearing.  Yes, I tried the Psychedelic Furs because they had the word ‘psychedelic’ in their name.

No interest whatsoever in Jon & Vangelis – but I do find it more interesting in 2013 than I did in 1980.  Loved John Foxx “Metamatic”, contemplated ordering a copy from Japan, so that the pressing would be quieter, cleaner – the cost of this LP is roughly double what a British LP would cost.

I was rather on the fence about The Buggles, but I did like the album better than the big hit single.  The US copy did not have the innersleeve, and, yes, I ordered a copy from Japan (which I still gloriously own), and it has the innersleeve and is a fabulously quiet and tight Toshiba pressing, as they owned the rights to Island at that time.

I wonder what Who thing was being promoted in 1980 that they got the centerfold in this issue?  The Virgin Records re-issue of the “My Generation” LP?

Never got to see Gang of Four play live.  Or OMD.  Or The Revillos.

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2 Responses to Smash Hits 1980

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Saw OMD three times and the ReZillos once, but not the ReVillos. The Rezillos were amazing and it’s hard to believe that it was eleven years ago. It seems like yesterday. I would have burst into flames if i had ever seen the Revillos though. As much as the Rezillos were perfect, Eugene and Fay managed to hone their attack [pun intended] even sharper with the next phase. “Rev Up!” is an impossibly perfect album to my ears.

  2. postpunkmonk says:

    I also have all four of those albums. I bought “Short Stories” when it came out and sold it off in the Great Vinyl Purge. I saw a used CD in the late 80s and successfully re-purchased it and was rewarded with pleasure. Some of Vangelis’ finest riffage is to be found on that disc. It remains the only Vangelis [or indeed, Jon Anderson] album in my Record Cell. Analog bliss.

    I was sort of on the fence up front with The Buggles too. Charles had the album and I was wary since the single was such unrepentant ear candy. One play of the album cured that, though.

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