Time Machine 1972

1-3-13             Time Machine 1972


On 1/6/62 the James Darren 45 “Goodbye Cruel World charts at No. 15 in England.  On 1/6/68, the LP “Magical Mystery Tour” by The Beatles charted at No. 1 in the US.  Van Dyke Parks born 1941.  Stephen Stills, born 1945.  George Martin, The Beatles’ producer, born 1926.  Mal Evans, The Beatles’ roadie, died 1976.

November 1972 albums, from Strange Days magazine in Japan.

Barclay James Harvest “Baby James Harvest” (Harvest UK LP SHSP 4023);  Moody Blues “Seventh Sojourn” (Threshold UK LP THS 7);  Hawkwind “Doremi Fasol Latido” (United Artists UK LP UAG 29364);  Can “Ege Bamyasi” (United Artists DE LP UAS 29414);  Uriah Heep “The Magician’s Birthday” (Island / Bronze UK LP ILPS 9213); The Hollies “Romany” (Polydor UK LP 2383 144); Slade “Slayed?” Polydor UK LP 2382 163);  Joni Mitchell “For The Roses” (Asylum US LP SD 5057); and Lou Reed “Transformer” (RCA US LP LSP 4807).

Today, I do not own BJH, The Hollies or Lou Reed.

Pretty much got the Moody Blues the day of release, not knowing at the time that it constituted a full set of original MB LP’s.  Hawkwind were baffling…are they a British or German band?  I do like this album a lot.  I was certain Can were German, and pretty much got this one straight away, US release pending.  I have the Uriah Heep, but a US Mercury copy.  I really like the Slade album in 2012, but I didn’t buy it until 2007 or so.  Gary in NZ always told me to get Joni Mitchell LP’s, and I duly got this one, but am not familiar with it.

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