January 1980 Cassette

1-2-13                         January 1980 Cassette

1980.01 K7_NEW

On 1/2/71, the triple LP “All Things Must Pass” by George Harrison charted at No. 1 in the US.  Roger Miller, born 1936.  Chick Churchill of Ten Years After, born 1942.

I made a cassette for each and every month of the 1980’s.  Fortunately, the first box I opened was from 1980.  I don’t think I still have the entire 80’s anymore.  But at least I have enough to start with.  For at least the first 8 months of this year, at the beginning of the month, I will detail what’s on my “Monthly” cassette for that month.  My tapes were typically titled “Misc. Etc.”  As you can see, a lot of January stuff is from the previous year.

MARTHA & THE MUFFINS – Insect Love (Dindisc debut single) ‘79

VISAGE – Tar (Radar debut single) ’79 Magazine / Ultravox

HOLGER CZUKAY – Cool In The Pool (EMI Single) ’79 Can

MARIANNE FAITHFULL – Broken English (Island single) ‘79

HUGH CORNWELL & ROBERT WILLIAMS – She’s Built The Wrong Way Round (feat. Ian Dury) / Puppets (“Nosferatu” U.A. LP) ’79 The Stranglers

XTC – Chain Of Command (free Virgin single that came with “Drums & Wires”) ‘79

NEIL INNES – Montana Café (“Innes Book of Records” Polydor LP) ‘79

JOHN OTWAY – Makes Good Music (“Where Did I Go Right?” Polydor LP) ’79 Neil Innes, prod.

ANNETTE PEACOCK – Solar Systems (“Perfect Release” Aura LP) ‘79

MAX WERNER – Rainbow’s End (“Rainbow’s End” EMI LP) ‘79 Kayak

HOLGER CZUKAY – Oh Lord Give Us More Money (single short vers.) (EMI single) ’79 Can

WIRE – On Returning (“154”, Harvest LP) ‘79

FRANK ZAPPA – Stick It Out (“Joe’s Garage II & III” 2LP) ‘79

GANG OF FOUR – Damaged Goods (sounds like the EMI vers. found on “Entertainment”, not the ‘Fast’ single vers.) ‘79

THE SLITS – So Tough (“The Cut” Island LP) ‘79

VISAGE – Frequency 7 (other side of “Tar”) ‘79

JOHN DOWIE – I Don’t Want To Be Your Amputee (“Another Close Shave” Virgin EP) ’77

MADNESS – One Step Beyond (Stiff single) ‘79

BARRY ANDREWS – Mousetrap (“Town & Country” Virgin EP) ’79 post-XTC

SECTA SONICA – Acoyte (“Fred Pedralbes” Spanish Zeleste LP) ‘76

COWBOYS INTERNATIONAL – Thrash (Virgin single) ‘79

MOTHER GOOSE – I Think It’s You (Mushroom AUS single) ’78 NZ artist

MAGAZINE – The Light Pours Out Of Me (Virgin US) ’80? promo-only remix 12”

JAMES WHITE & THE BLACKS – Stained Sheets (“Off White” Ze LP) ‘79

GRUPPO SPORTIVO – Sleeping Bag (Ariola NL single) ‘79

(Mystery track – about a 90 second instrumental, to fill the tape to the end of the side)

John Foxx

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5 Responses to January 1980 Cassette

  1. ronkanefiles says:

    That’s right – a promo-only US 12″ with a different mix of the A-Side.

    • postpunkmonk says:

      Then that’s an orphaned Magazine rarity that probably came down to Virgin’s [stillborn] US division at the time [Virgin Atlantic – or was that still in the future?]. It’s never shown up on CD unlike every other B-side.

  2. Nifty tape! I am not familiar with Annette Peacock, Max Werner, John Dowie or Secta Sonica — the rest I know. I’ll bet that’s a very listenable mix even today!

  3. ronkanefiles says:

    Chas-san, Annette Peacock is an American vocalist that worked in England, usually with prog rock musicians; she’s on ECM these days. Max Werner was the only decent vocalist of the Dutch group Kayak. John Dowie is a Manchester comedian who was signed by Factory Records. Secta Sonica is Spanish prog rock, mostly guitars, not bad at all. – RK

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