T. Rex / Sly & The Family Stone

12-18-12        T. Rex / Sly & The Family Stone

On 12/18/71 T. Rex LP “Electric Warrior” was No. 1 in England.  On 12/18/71, the LP “There’s A Riot Goin’ On” by Sly & The Family Stone charts at No. 1 in the US.

I must’ve actually heard the T. Rex LP in a record store first.  I’d seen their earlier LP’s, but had never heard them, didn’t know about John’s Children etc.  “Mambo Sun” was my introduction to T. Rex.  Yes, Flo & Eddie were the backing vocalists on this album.  Yes, “Electric Warrior” boasts Ian McDonald of King Crimson playing sax!  I started with a Reprise US LP, which folded out.  The Fly UK LP edition did not fold out, but came with a special inner sleeve and a poster.  I didn’t get as far as “Telegram Sam” at the time, but I like that (and “The Slider”) fairly well in 2012.

I returned to Marc Bolan & T. Rex when my investigation of British glam rock started up, several years ago – during a visit to Tokyo, 7 or 8 years ago.  Got a few more LP’s & CD’s than I’ve ever had on him before – with varying degrees of success.  Truck On Tyke!

P.S. Can’t find the SA-CD of “Electric Warrior”!  Got one to sell me?

= = =

I had neighbors who really liked Sly & The Family Stone; people who had their albums – so I could hear ‘em.  They were well and truly validated when they appeared in the film “Woodstock”.  They looked to be a hot band!  I really hopped on that “Woodstock” live CD that got issued a while back!  “Running Away” is probably my favorite Sly 45 in 2012.  I got one of those British CD’s that’s many of Sly’s productions in one place – really better than average ‘soul stuff’, for the mid-to-late 60’s!

I remember some confusion about this particular Sly Stone LP.  I’d heard that Beach Boys song “Student Demonstration Time” and – not knowing any better – thought it may be Sly & The Family Stone.  Long story short:  I kept the Sly Stone LP and never went any further at all with the BB’s.

Seems Sly is still alive, but not necessarily delivering the goods too much these days,  I remember an article in a British magazine about him going to England recently and just barely appearing (for only maybe 20 minutes or so).  I think he lives in L.A. now?

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