Donovan “Sunshine Superman” 45

12-17-12        Donovan – “Sunshine Superman” 45

On 12/17/66 the Donovan 45 “Sunshine Superman” charts at No. 2 in England.

The Donovan 45 had been out in the US (on Epic Records) since summer ’66 and was Donovan’s only US #1 45!  Recorded at Abbey Road studios in England with mostly British jazz guys (arrangement and keyboards by John Cameron, Spike Heatley on bass, Bobby Orr on drums, Tony Carr on percussion and John Paul Jones on bass – what?  Two bassists?).  There are several versions of the song; the original 45 does not have a key change, but the version found on the original “Greatest Hits” LP does have a key change; I understand (but have not heard) an even longer version to be found on “The Essential Donovan” CD.

Even Wikipedia does not suggest that Jimmy Page is the sole guitarist on this 45, they also list “Eric Ford” as a guitarist – whoever that really is.

The original 45 is mono, too.  It was dragged kicking and screaming into stereo, but never the 45 version – as far as I am aware.  The “Sunshine Superman” Epic US LP is all re-processed ‘fake’ stereo; my British LP is on Pye Records and is mono (NPL 18181); the credits for the LP do not mention Jimmy Page (or the other jazz musicians); Electric and acoustic guitar are played by Donovan!  And while British jazz pianist John Cameron is credited with the arrangement on the 45, he is NOT credited with the arrangement on the LP, but he IS credited for songs other than “Sunshine Superman”!

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