British Records!

12-13-12        British Records!

On 12/15/62 The Beatles 45 “Love Me Do” charts at No. 17 in England.  On 12/13/80 Magazine “Play” LP (live album) charts at No. 29 in England.  On 12/16/67 The Beatles double EP “Magical Mystery Tour” charts at No. 2 in England, and stays on the charts for 9 weeks. On 12/14/68 the Love Sculpture (Dave Edmunds) 45 “Sabre Dance” charts at No. 6 in England.  On 12/13/75 the David Bowie 45 “Golden Years” charts at No. 8 in England.

Recently bought a 50th anniversary EMI UK 7” edition of “Love Me Do”!  (Not sure which version I found, as I understand there are variants).

I got the Magazine LP as a new release, and duly re-bought it upon it’s re-mastering and transmogrification into a 2CD set – they were one of my absolute favorite bands from 1978 to the present day.

I have several nice variants on the “Magical Mystery Tour” EP – mono / stereo, CD / vinyl – also have it as a US LP and mono CD in the Japanese CD “Mono Box”.  Even the old EP CD boxed set had it in both mono and stereo.  All EP versions on Parlophone, US versions on Capitol, Japanese versions on Toshiba.

I did not hear the “Sabre Dance” 45 at the time of it’s release – what I first heard by Love Sculpture was the LP version of this track – all 12 minutes of it – on the FM radio at the time of the US issue of the 2nd Love Sculpture LP, “Forms & Feelings”, about 1970 or so.  Really blew me away!  Yep, it’s the same Dave Edmunds as “I Hear You Knockin’” etc.  One helluva guitar man, him.  The easy way to hear the 45 version is on the “Singles A’s & B’s” LP / CD, which I believe was on the See For Miles label, in England.

I was never the intended audience for a David Bowie record of any kind in 1975.  I finished with him after “Ziggy”, and did not look his way again for many years.  That being said, I like this 45, and note that the 45 is a different version / edit from the LP version, as found on the “Station To Station” LP / CD – I bought the huge boxed set for it, thinking that the DVD might have some swank 5.1 action on it – but was duly disappointed that it didn’t, really.  I like it better in 2012 than I did in 1975.

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  1. postpunkmonk says:

    You know, that is one dorky cover on that Beatles EP! I never really looked at MMT in detail, but yeah, it’s clear that drugs make you stupid.

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