The Beatles “Day Tripper” 45

12-11-12        The Beatles – “Day Tripper” 45

On 12/11/65 The Beatles double A-Side 45 “Day Tripper” b/w “We Can Work It Out” charts at No. 1 in England.  Which was the A-Side, really?  (And not on an EP, these two).

Almost impossible to imagine, 47 years on!  Was “Day Tripper” about drugs / girls / both?  Who does Paul McCartney want to work something out with?

The original 45 sounds best, most likely – though I do like the stereo mixes of these songs.  A good way to hear them is on the stereo CD / LP of “Past Masters” or, if you want to stick to mono, the mono CD boxed set that includes the mono version of “Past Masters” sounds good.

I do not have a copy in front of me to check, but I don’t think the US Capitol 45 was mucked about with by Dave Dexter Jr.!  (I never had a US 45 of this title; I think today’s collection boasts a UK re-issue of it and possibly a Japanese 45 re-issue of it – which would’ve taken after the UK issue of the day).

And it was not on a contemporary LP of the day, in England!  Neither “Rubber Soul” nor the O.S.T. of “Help!” had these tracks; almost as if to prove how quickly things were changing!

Unless my memory is hazier than usual, the first time we heard these two tracks in stereo was on the US collection LP “Hey Jude”, about 1970 or so.  Both songs are good, but I think this is the point when people cannot remember the sequence of The Beatles’ works, as neither song was then-assigned to any LP.  Hands up who remembers what single preceded “Sgt. Pepper’s”?  Sequence is key, and not many remember so much, I find.

The bass riff of “Day Tripper” stands out in my memory, as does the harmonium on “We Can Work It Out” (was it played by John Lennon or George Martin?).

This 45 outclassed many other things at the time, and still does.  Took The Rolling Stones a year or two to get to this point (“Ruby Tuesday”, perhaps?).  Another class act for 1965 is Bob Dylan, though not musically comparable with The Beatles.

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2 Responses to The Beatles “Day Tripper” 45

  1. Brian Ware says:

    Those songs are so iconic now that we forget how radically progressive they were back in the day. Nothing else sounded like that, and they just keep them coming at us so fast! I guessed Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields as the single preceding “Sgt. Pepper” and I just looked it up and confirmed it. I only remember that since I’ve read that those two tracks were recorded first for possible inclusion on that LP. Of course I was paying attention to the U.S. single releases more than the U.K.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    It’s true, the sequence of releases is often forgotten these days. The books I use for the chart date info are both American & British.
    – Ron

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