The Next 11 Months

12-5-12          The Next 11 Months (approximately)

Little Richard born 1935. On 12/5/64 The Beatles 45 “I Feel Fine” charts at No. 1 in England.  On 12/5/70 Andy Williams’ “Greatest Hits” LP was No. 1 in England. On 12/5/81 the Soft Cell LP “Non Stop Erotic Cabaret” charts at No. 5 in England.

Over the arc of the next 11 months, I am going to try and quote a bunch of (mostly British) charts statistics for songs / 45’s / LP’s that I like.  Yes!  If I reveal my tendencies towards the chart, we’ll have something to talk about that we can all relate to.  If a song charts, there’s a better chance we’ve all heard it.

Sometimes what’s at the top of the page will indicate a topic to go off onto, other times not – it’ll just be to note a song / album release date…and that I noted it’s release / chart position.

The Beatles 45 “I Feel Fine” b/w “She’s A Woman” was released in the US, but reverb was slathered all over it.  As I recall, the guy to blame was one Dave Dexter Jr. – who wrecked lots of Beatles’ releases with this type of treatment.  It took me years to hear the ‘flat’ version of “I Feel Fine”!

Some people liked the feedback (and reverb), others not so much.  The feedback never went away, but in 2012, the reverb is gone, except on those CD boxed sets of the US versions of The Beatles’ early albums.  Neither of those songs have a proper home on a British Beatles’ album, apart from collections.

R.I.P. Andy Williams (1927 – 2012).  Who can adequately explain Andy Williams’ popularity in England?  I suppose his TV shows were shown there.  In 1970, you’d be forgiven for thinking that “ROCK MUSIC” had totally taken over the public’s imagination (and the chart).  But Andy’s Greatest Hits soldiered on in both the US and the UK.  Branson, MO forever!

Little Richard continues to amaze in 2012!  Alive since 1935 (or is it 1932?), Richard Penniman has rocked and rolled on our behalf for over half a century.  I remember somebody joking that his LP boxed set “The Specialty Years” (collecting his early recordings) should, in fact, be “The Specialty Year”, as the entire boxed set came from a single year!

I talked about Soft Cell / Marc Almond on 11/14/12, so no need to recount more here.  I do like their 12” singles, and I am actively seeking the Euro CD Single for “Bedsitter”, if anyone has one to part with.

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One Response to The Next 11 Months

  1. davidz29 says:

    Re: Little Richard – Have you heard any of his stuff from when he recorded with Johnny Otis? I think it was before he signed with Specialty…and he sounds pretty different. He hadn’t yet found his falsetto!

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