Time Machine (Strange Days)

11-22-12        Strange Days – Time Machine


Today’s Strange Days magazine Time Machine is from September, 1972.  As you will recall, my Phonolog sheets mysteriously stop during October, 1972 – so I’m really going to start enjoying the Strange Days Time Machine, with the very next episode (in another month!).  This list is originated by Quoichiro Iwamoto of Strange Days magazine.

September, 1972 album releases are indicated as:

  1. Mott The Hoople – All The Young Dudes (CBS UK LP S 65184)
  2. Yes – Close To The Edge (Atlantic UK LP K 50012)
  3. Black Sabbath – Volume 4 (Vertigo UK LP 6360 071)
  4. Family – Bandstand (Reprise UK LP K 54006)
  5. Budgie – Squawk (MCA UK LP MKPS 2023)
  6. Sandy Denny – Sandy (Island UK LP ILPS 9207)
  7. Brinsley Schwarz – Nervous On The Road (United Artists UK LP UAS 29374)
  8. Grand Funk – Phoenix (Capitol US LP SMAS-11099)
  9. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Glorified Magnified (Philips UK LP 6308 125)
  1. I, for one, was very OK that David Bowie of yore thought enough of MTH to help them on their way.  As the LP was expensive (all of $4?), I got the 45 of “All The Young Dudes” b/w “One Of The Boys” (almost 10 minutes of music!) first.
  2. This was where I officially got off of the Yes boat.  I really liked “Fragile”, but there was something about this release that did not interest me.  The cover?
  3. Having lapped up the previous 3 Black Sabbath albums, I also got off of the Black Sabbath bus at this stage.  Were my favorite bands suffering from becoming ‘too popular’?  When other kids at school start having the wrong albums…
  4. Unlike #2 & #3, Family remained a firm favorite, with my young mind.  “Burlesque” is such a hot single!  My favorite title on today’s list!
  5. My entire 2012 Budgie collection consists of “If I Were Brittania, I’d Waive The Rules”, from 1976!  Did I ever try any MCA Budgie album?  I think I did…
  6. Not within my radar scope, alas.
  7. See #6
  8. I like the first two studio albums, and their debut live album – “End of Story”
  9. While MM Mk. II is one of my favorite 60’s bands, this did not translate into continued interest in the 70’s, from my young self.  I do have a ’77 re-issue of this LP, when it saw the light of day as Island / Bronze US LP BRON 527.
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