Bill Black Combo

11-20-12        Bill Black Combo

Joe Walsh born 1947

Elvis’ bass player!  Lots of early 60’s instrumental albums!  “The Untouchable Sound”!!

LP                BASIC BLACK                                                          COLUMBIA US  CS 1055          1970 11 TRKS

LP                BEAT GOES ON, THE                                             HI US                   SHL 32041      1968 12 TRKS

LP                BILL BLACK’S RECORD HOP                              HI US                   SHL 32006      1961? 12 TRKS

LP                BLACK LACE                                                            HI US                   SHL 32033      1966? 12 TRKS

LP                BLACK WITH SUGAR                                             COLUMBIA US  CS 9849          1970? 11 TRKS

LP                GOES BIG BAND                                                     HI US                   SHL 32020      1965? 12 TRKS

LP                GOES WEST                                                            HI US                   SHL 32013      1963? 12 TRKS

LP                GREATEST HITS                                                     HI US                   HL 12012        1962? 12 TRK Collection, mono

LP                GREATEST HITS Vol. 2                                          HI US                   XSHL 32078   1973 10 TRK Collection

LP                IT’S HONKY TONK TIME                                        HI US                   SHL 32104      1976 10 TRKS

LP                KING OF THE ROAD                                               HI US                   SHL 12036      1967 12 TRKS

LP                MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE                                        HI US                   HLP 8004        1977 10 TRKS

LP                MORE BILL BLACK MAGIC                                    HI US                   SHL 32061      1971 12 TRKS

LP                MORE SOLID & RAUNCHY                                   HI US                   SHL 32023      1965 12 TRKS

LP                MOVIN’                                                                       HI US                   SHL 32005      1961? 12 TRKS

LP                MR. BEAT                                                                  HI US                   SHL 32027      1965 12 TRKS

LP                PLAYS ALL-TIMERS                                                HI US                   SHL 32032      1966 12 TRKS

LP                PLAYS THE BLUES                                                HI US                   SHL 32015      1964? 12 TRKS

LP                PLAYS TUNES BY CHUCK BERRY                     HI US                   SHL 32017      1964? 12 TRKS

LP                RAINDROPS KEEP FALLIN’ ON MY HEAD        COLUMBIA US  CS 9957          1970? 11 TRKS

LP                SAXY JAZZ                                                                HI US                   SHL 32002      1960? 12 TRKS  “Smokie” LP, 2nd version

LP                SMOKIE                                                                     HI US                   HL 12001        1959? 12 TRKS mono

LP                SOLID & COUNTRY                                                HI US                   SHL 32088      1974 10 TRKS

LP                SOLID AND RAUNCHY                                          HI US                   SHL 32003      1960? 12 TRKS

LP                SOLID AND RAUNCHY THE 3RD                        HI US                   SHL 32052      1969 11 TRKS

LP                SOULIN’ THE BLUES                                             HI US                   SHL 32047      1969 12 TRKS

LP                THAT WONDERFUL FEELING                             HI US                   SHL 32004      1960? 12 TRKS

LP                TURN ON YOUR LOVE LIGHT                             HI US                   SHL 32044      1968 11 TRKS

LP                UNTOUCHABLE SOUND, THE                            HI US                   SHL 32009      1963? 12 TRKS

LP                WORLD’S GREATEST HONKY-TONK BAND    HI US                   SHL 32093      1975 10 TRKS

Think:  roller rink, Houston, TX 1962!

Liner notes of CD’s tell me that this stuff ruled the jukeboxes of the world for a few years.  If I was standing in a pizza parlour with a jukebox and I had some quarters, I’d pick a few songs that are probably found on the “Greatest Hits” of the Bill Black Combo.

The line-up of the band kept changing.  Mr. Black died in 1965, but that didn’t stop the Bill Black Combo LP’s coming out!  No, the list here isn’t “everything”, but it’s quite a lot!  And I do have TONS of 45’s, jukebox EP’s etc.

There is a now-forgotten lore of the zen of instrumental bands releasing tons of records.  Even if there was a new band copying this business model, they’d be hard pressed to release as many records as the Bill Black Combo, in the same period of time.

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  1. Dana says:

    … and if my memory serves me well (and sometimes it DOES!)… you would get 6 plays for that quarter! 🙂

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