Smash Hits Vol. 1, No. 25

11-15-12        Smash Hits Vol. 1, No. 25 (November 15 – 28, 1979)

Petula “Downtown” Clark born 1932; Clyde “Lover Please” McPhatter born 1932

This issue looks to be the one that came out right about the time I returned home from my first trip abroad!

  • The Adverts broke up (after a gig in Slough) when their album “Cast Of Thousands” wasn’t “well-received”.
  • John Cooper Clarke wanted to join the actor’s Union Equity and was told they already had a J.C.C. on the books – his suggested pseudonyms included “T. V. Lounge” and “Lenny Siberia”!
  • The debut 45’s by Squeeze (“Packet of Three”) and The Police (“Fall Out”) are re-issued via Pye Records – they began life as “indie” releases, a few years earlier.
  • Godley & Crème “changed labels” from Phonogram (Mercury) to Polydor – I reckon that’s still in the same building, mate.  “An Englishman In New York” = Their new 45.
  • Marianne Faithfull’s “Broken English” LP gets an “8 out of 10” rating!  “Eat Your Heart Out, Patti Smith!” the reviewer chides.

The fall of 1979 was certainly an amusing time, as I can still recall.  I spent most of September and October 1979 in England, France, Germany and Holland.  I was fully employed at the record distributor.  Crikey, did I have a GF at this time?

Likely still trying to figger out which way was “up”.  The notion to go to New Zealand hadn’t yet arrived.  My band (The Decayes) was active; recording and playing live shows.  Anytime after August 10, 1979 – I would’ve been 21 years of age.

The “then-current” important records that I brought home from that trip were Spizzenergi “Soldier Soldier”, Madness “Night Boat To Cairo”, The Slits “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” etc.  Mostly, I hung out at The Record & Tape Exchange in Notting Hill Gate a lot; going through thousands of 45’s; looking at what was considered “Collectible” then etc.

I definitely marched up and down the streets of Soho, in search of the elusive disc.  At a cart in Rupert Street, I found 45’s being sold very inexpensively (20p etc.) – so I began to fill in the John Otway collection!

But old habits die hard – Yes, I was scouring the single bins in search of UK 60’s and 70’s 45’s; lusting after original Vertigo 45’s; trying to “Complete my collection” of King Crimson – something that has never quite happened – especially after seeing all of what’s on offer in Tokyo!

Drank a lot of Pelforth Brune in Paris.  The McDonald’s in Germany sold beer, too.  More “Smash Hits” excitement to come next year, folks!

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  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Re: Marianne Faithful/Patti Smith. Never really though of it that way until this morning after reading that. Yeah. Definitely.

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