11-8-12          E.L.O.

Roy Wood born 1946 (I wrote about Roy Wood yesterday!); Rickie Lee Jones born 1954; 11-8-86 XTC “Skylarking” LP charts at No. 90 in England; 11-8-80 John Foxx “Miles Away” 45 charts at No. 51 in England.

I was never particularly interested in E.L.O., after Roy Wood left.  I have come to appreciate their work, but I am not fussy about having to have many variants etc.  I have good friends who are fanatical fans, but “I’ve never been one of those”.

Jeff Lynne’s E.L.O.:

7″                 ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN promo                                                   U.A. US                          UA-XW-173-W

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

CD                ELO II re                                                                                                EPIC US                        94277.2

1973 9 TRKS (4 x bonus tracks) (’06 issue)

LP                ELO II                                                                                                     U.A. US                          UA-LA-040-F

1973 5 TRKS 2nd album

CD                ON THE THIRD DAY                                                                           COLUMBIA / JET US   ZK 35525

1973 9 TRKS

LP                ON THE THIRD DAY                                                                           U.A. US                          US-LA-188F

1973 9 TRKS 3rd album

7″                 SHOWDOWN / IN OLD ENGLAND TOWN                                     HARVEST UK               HAR 5077

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                 MA-MA-MA BELLE promo                                                                   U.A. US                          UA-XW-405-W

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

LP                ELDORADO                                                                                          U.A. US                          US-LA-339G

1974 10 TRKS

7″                 BOY BLUE promo                                                                               U.A. US                          UA-XW-634-X

1974 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

LP                NIGHT THE LIGHT WENT ON IN LONG BEACH                          WARNER DE               WB 56058

1974 7 TRKS Live album

7″                 STRANGE MAGIC / NEW WORLD RISING (PS)                            U.A. US                          UA-XW-770-Y

1975 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

LP                FACE THE MUSIC                                                                               U.A. US                          US-LA-546G

1975 8 TRKS

7″                 TELEPHONE LINE / POOR BOY (THE GREENWOOD) (PS)     U.A. US                          UA-XW1000

1976 2 TRKS with pic sleeve , green vinyl

7″                 DO YA (mono) / (stereo) (PS) promo-only                                      U.A. US                          UA-XW-939-Y

1976 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, promo

LP                NEW WORLD RECORD, A                                                                U.A. DE                          UAS 30017 XOT

1976 9 TRKS

CD                NEW WORLD RECORD, A                                                                COLUMBIA / JET US   ZK 35529

1976 9 TRKS orig US CD issue

LP                OLE ELO promo-only, yellow                                                            U.A. US                          SP-123

1976 9 TRKS yellow vinyl, promo

LPx2            OUT OF THE BLUE                                                                             U.A. / JET US                JT-LA-823-L2

1977 17 TRKS

7″                 TURN TO STONE / MISTER KINGDOM (PS)                                 U.A. UK                          UP 36313

1977 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″                 SWEET TALKIN’ WOMAN / BLUEBIRD IS DEAD (PS)                  JET UK                          S JET 121

1978 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, purple vinyl

7″                 SHINE A LITTLE LOVE / JUNGLE (PS)                                           JET US                          ZS8 5057

1979 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

CD                DISCOVERY                                                                                         COLUMBIA / JET US   ZK 35769

1979 9 TRKS

LP                DISCOVERY                                                                                         CBS / JET UK               JETLX 500

1979 9 TRKS insert

7″                 I’M ALIVE / DRUM DREAMS (UK) (PS)                                             JET UK                          JET 179

1980 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

LP                TIME                                                                                                       JET US                          FZ 37371

1981 13 TRKS

LP                SECRET MESSAGES                                                                         JET US                          QZ 38490

1983 10 TRKS

LP                BALANCE OF POWER                                                                       CBS ASSOC.                FZ 40048

1986 10 TRKS

CD                BALANCE OF POWER re                                                                   EPIC US                        94279.2

1986 17 TRKS (7 x bonus tracks) (’07 issue)

12″               CALLING AMERICA                                                                             EPIC UK                        QTA 6844

1986 3 TRKS with pic sleeve

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3 Responses to E.L.O.

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I never liked ELO. Too Beatlesque! Also, the Jeff Lynne production sounded unappealing on top of that. Very “plastic.” I have exactly the same problem with Nile Rodgers’ production. Usually.

  2. Brian Ware says:

    I was okay with them at the time through “Eldorado”. Once they became a hit machine, it all got too slick, and yes, the production really put me off. And man, something about Jeff Lynne’s perm… yuck…

  3. ronkanefiles says:

    The Majority of my collection came from the $1 bin; I bought none of it at the time of release – perhaps only the colored vinyl 45’s? Not a big fan of the “production” and yes, Yuck, on JL’s perm.

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