What’s Progressive Rock (Music)? – “Dreamcore” Top 50

11-6-12          What’s Progressive Rock (Music)? – “Dreamcore” Top 50

Guy Clark (Byrds) born 1941; Glenn Frey (Eagles) born 1948

Yet another cool list from Marquee magazine in Japan, circa 2003!  May have mixed up Dreamcore with Progressive Rock, but I think the two lists go together anyway!  An odd cross-section, don’t you think?  And not much in common with the Canterbury list I published yesterday!


Acqua Fragile – s/t (debut) (Numero Uno)

Alan Sorrenti – Come Un Vecchio Incensiere…

Alphataurus – s/t (debut)

Ange – Emile Jacotey (Philips)

Anthony Philips – The Geese & The Ghost (Hit & Run)

Area – Caution Radiation Area (Cramps)

Banco del Mutuo Soccorso – s/t (debut (Dischi Ricordi)

Brainticket – Celestial Ocean (RCA)

Celeste – s/t (debut) (Grog)

Cervello – Melos (Dischi Ricordi)

Corte Dei Miracoli – s/t (debut) (Grog)

David Bedford – Instructions For Angels (Virgin)

Earth & Fire – Atlantis (Polydor)

Emmanuelle Parrenin – Maison Rose

Enid, The – Aerie Fairy Nonsense (EMI Int’l)

Festa Mobile – Diario Di Viaggio Della festa Mobile

I Dik Dik – Suite Per Una Donna Assoltamente

Il Paese Dei Ballochi – s/t (debut)

Keith Tippett – Dedicated To You… (Vertigo)

Klaus Schulze – X (Brain)

Kraftwerk – Ralf & Florian (Philips)

Latte E Miele – Papillion (Polydor)

Laurent Thibault – Mais On Ne Pas Rever Tout Le Temps

Magma – Live (Utopia)

Mandalaband – The Eye of Wendor (Chrysalis)

Miguel Rios – La Huerta Atomica

Mike Oldfield – hergest Ridge

Mono Fontana – Circuelo

Museo Rosenbach – Zarathustra (Dischi Ricordi)

New Trolls – Atomic System

Nirvana (UK) – The Story of Simon Simopath (Island)

Opus Avantra – Lord Cromwell…

Picchio Dal Pozzo – s/t (debut) (Grog)

Pierrot Lunaire – s/t (debut)

Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother (Harvest)

Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon (Harvest)

Popol Vuh – Aguirre

Pulsar – Halloween (CBS)

Quella Vecchia Locanda – s/t (debut)

Reale Academia Di Musica – s/t (debut) (Dischi Ricordi)

Robert Wyatt – The End Of An Ear (CBS)

Ron Geesin – A Raise Of Eyebrows (Transatlantic)

Rusticelli E Bordini – Opera Prima (RCA Italiana)

Silduris Bane – Sagan Om Ringen / Sagan Om Den Irlandska Algen

Steve Hackett – Voyage of the Acolyte (Charisma)

Trip, The – Caronte

Ultima Spiaggia – s/t (debut)

Wigwam – Fairyport (Love)

Wigwam – Hard ‘n’ Horny (Love)

Wigwam – Tombstone Valentine (Love)

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