Canterbury Top 50

11-5-12          Canterbury Top 50

Art Garfunkel born 1941; Gram Parsons born 1946; on 11-3-73 David Bowie “Pin Ups” LP was No. 1 in England.

The Japanese have a skill at making awesome lists of records.  I regularly “read” magazines like Strange Days and Record Collectors Magazine from Japan.  I used to pick-up a magazine called Marquee, but it’s orientation seemed to have changed, over the years.  It started out as a progressive rock magazine, then turned into a J-Pop magazine.

It’s during it’s mighty “J-Pop” phase during 2001 that Marquee magazine published a decent list of “Canterbury Music” ( = Top 50 ), which I will share with you today.  Original LP labels noted.

Soft Machine – Faces and Places Vol. 7 (Spalax) pre-1st album tracks, also known under several different titles

Soft Machine – Soft Machine (debut) (Probe)

Soft Machine – Vol. 2 (Probe)

Soft Machine – Third (CBS)

Soft Machine – Six (Epic)

Soft Machine – Seven (Epic)

Soft Machine – Bundles (Harvest)

Soft Machine – Softs (Harvest)

Soft Machine – Land of Cocayne (Harvest)

Matching Mole – Matching Mole (CBS)

Matching Mole – Little Red Record (CBS)

Robert Wyatt – The End Of An Ear (CBS)

Robert Wyatt – Rock Bottom (Virgin)

Robert Wyatt – Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard (Virgin)

Kevin Ayers – The Joy Of A Toy (Harvest)

Kevin Ayers – Shooting At The Moon (Harvest)

Kevin Ayers – Whatevershebringswesing (Harvest)

Kevin Ayers – Bananamour (Harvest)

Kevin Ayers – Odd Ditties (Harvest) collection

Gong – Continental Circus (Philips)

Gong / Daevid Allen – Banana Moon (Byg)

Gong – Camembert Electrique (Byg)

Gong – Flying Teapot (Byg)

Gong – Angel’s Egg (Virgin)

Gong – You (Virgin)

Gong – Shamal (Virgin)

Gong – Gazeuse (Virgin)

Gong – Expresso II (Virgin)

Daevid Allen – Good Morning (Virgin)

Hatfield & The North – (debut album) (Virgin)

Hatfield & The North – The Rotter’s Club (Virgin)

Gilgamesh – Gilgamesh (Caroline)

Gilgamesh – Another Fine Tune… (Charly)

National Health – National Health (Charly)

National Health – Of Queues & Cures (Charly)

Egg – Civil Surface (Caroline)

Khan – Space Shanty (Deram)

Spirogyra – Old Boot Wine (B&C)

Caravan – Caravan (Verve)

Caravan – If I Could Do It All Over Again… (Decca)

Caravan – In The Land of Gray and Pink (Deram)

Caravan – Waterloo Lily (Deram)

Michael Mantler – The Hapless Child (Watt) with Robert Wyatt on vocals

John Greaves & Peter Blegvad – Kew Rhone (Virgin)

Steve Hillage – Fish Rising (Virgin)

Steve Hillage – Green (Virgin)

Soft Heap – Soft Heap (Charly)

Hugh Hopper – Hoppertunity Box (Compendium)

Quiet Sun – Mainstream (Island)

801 – 801 Live (Island)

While I do not 100% agree with this list, I think it actually does quite a good job with this subject.  I’ve never heard the Spirogyra title they’ve listed, but it’s the British early 70’s group, not the US jazz band.  And I don’t own any Soft Machine albums listed, after “Third” – I kept all the ones with Wyatt as drummer.  Looks like they missed “Magic Brother” by Gong, their debut on Byg.  And I think I would’ve included the next Caravan album, “For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night” (Deram).

Of course, many titles have come to market since 2001, and there are certainly decent collection CD’s from Egg, National Health, Hatfield & The North etc. that shed new light on this topic.

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