Peter Green

10-30-12        Peter Green

Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green born 1946, psychedelic Singer / Songwriter Grace Slick born 1939; I like ‘em both!  On 10-30-71 John Lennon “Imagine” LP was No. 1 in England.

In the ever-revolving doorway of hot new guitarists, Peter Green was once poised to show the rest of us the way to go.  As I was about 10 – 12 years old at the time, I didn’t get to read as much of the story as I would’ve liked.  He’d played with John Mayall – replacing Eric Clapton, even!  He had his own band, Fleetwood Mac.  He had a great single, “Oh Well” – which I had heard on a Warner / Reprise 2LP sampler.

So, with only having a very tiny sliver of the tale, I bought what was to be Green’s only solo album for a good many years:  “End Of The Game”.  Those familiar with this LP know that it’s an instrumental psychedelic-bluesy muscular beast…let’s just say I was not so ready for it, when I got it.

Now, with the mountain of music that has majestically paraded before me, I see it’s place in the pantheon of British blues-rock.  Make no mistake:  NOTHING else sounded like this album in 1970/1.

There are probably those who would (correctly?) classify this album as “British jazz”, as indeed a lot of British jazz was very influenced by the (electric) blues.  There just weren’t all that many instrumental rock music albums at that point; that was the domain of jazz records!  So, jazz played on rock music instruments?

To fully comprehend the Peter Green phenomena, you must hear (and enjoy) “Then Play On” by Fleetwood Mac, and “End Of The Game” by Peter Green.  Yes, there are earlier Fleetwood Mac album on CBS, but “Then Play On” is without a doubt the consolidation of the CBS albums.  New music for 1969!

IMHO, Mr. Green took a well-deserved rest from the music business for a good few decades.  Took him a bit to get all of his chops back, but he’s definitely been on the road with it for a while now.  His playing can still amaze, even if his physical looks / presentation doesn’t.

Mr. Pete Brown, the Cream lyricist, told me about the current work of Mr. Green; yes, I should try to hear it – no, it wasn’t like Fleetwood Mac (of old, not the stuff with the girls).

I can never again regain my innocence, at the time of first hearing “End Of The Game”; “What?  There aren’t any songs on this album?”  No singing at all?  (This guy’s a good vocalist!).  I can only imagine how the folks at Reprise Records in England felt when he delivered this album to them; it’s NOT a Fleetwood Mac album.  But it would further Peter Green’s “reputation”, though quite in what way would not be apparent for some time.

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