You Own Two Of Those on CD?

10-17-12        You Own Two Of Those on CD?

Ziggy Marley born 1968, Wyclef Jean born 1972.

Why would anybody own two of the same CD, when both versions have the same tracks?  Believe me…I’ve thought about it!

CAN – Landed (Mute US SA-CD 9291.2 stereo; P-Vine Japan PCD-22207 kami sleeve, stereo)

When all of the Can albums got re-mastered in 2005 as SA-CD’s, I bought them immediately, replacing a Swiss-made Spoon Records CD of this title.  I did not have an SA-CD player at that time.  The SA-CD sounded good; the mastering had been attended by Irmin Schmidt and Holger Czukay.

Probably within a year or two, a Japanese-manufactured paper sleeve CD appeared for a very good price.  As regular readers of this blog know, I greatly appreciate the attention to detail that is commonly found in the Japanese manufacturing process of paper sleeve CD’s – usually a good master, glorious attention to detail in the reproduction of the LP’s original artwork.

2009 rolls around, and I bought an SA-CD player (to replace a failing CD player) – yes, this disc remains stereo-only, but the DSD mastering really sounds amazing – what true audiophiles would call “master tape sound”.  Wow, so glad I popped for all of those Can “re-masters”, they’re all SA-CD’s!

So, I return to the P-Vine paper sleeve CD edition – the LP cover is perfectly reproduced (unlike in the CD booklet of the SA-CD); the Japanese have added a booklet to the package, along with the exact booklet that is found in the SA-CD version.

This is one of the better Can albums, IMHO.  I once read that it is the “alternate universe Sgt. Peppers”, for some.  I can justify keeping a) an audiophile SA-CD copy of this title and b) an aesthetically perfect Japanese paper sleeve CD copy.

Distant thoughts:  Will my SA-CD player continue to function normally for the next 10 years?  Will I be 64 years of age and need to hear “Landed” again?  Will I ever move into “Collection – Phase II” and only want to keep Japanese paper sleeve CD’s?  Will Spoon ever go and re-master and re-release the rest of the Can catalogue as SA-CD’s?

Answer:  Enjoy your SA-CD’s now, while you can.  I will likely become 64 years of age and want to hear “Landed” by Can.  If I ever had a ‘space crunch’, it might be a good idea to jettison the vinyl and only keep Japanese paper sleeve CD’s.  No indication, thus far, that Spoon will do any further SA-CD titles.

Enjoy “Landed” by Can, while you can!

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3 Responses to You Own Two Of Those on CD?

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I own lots of albums on two CDs. And lots more on three! A regret is during the early days of CDs, I traded in records after buying the 1st CD pressings… what a dope! I’ve since re-purchased many original vinyl pressings.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    I do believe we’ve all done bit of that (re-buying our vinyl collections).

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