100 Essential New Zealand Albums

10-9-12          100 Essential New Zealand Albums

John Lennon born 1940, Sean Lennon born 1975; on 10-9-76 Dr. Feelgood “Stupidity” Live LP was No. 1 in England.

I was recently given a book by NZ musician Nick Bollinger called “100 Essential New Zealand Albums”.  Not from a music specialist publisher, but from a company that makes books about New Zealand: “100 Essential New Zealand Films”, “100 Essential New Zealand Land Forms” etc.  So, already I am not blaming the author, who must’ve been given the brief “Keep it readable” or thereabouts.

Sadly, no list for me to glance at; in the front of the book, it only says the artist’s name, followed by a page number.  Oh, well.

I’ll stick to “my years” of NZ activity, roughly – though this book does go all the way back to the 30’s!  It’s fun to see them recommend 60’s records (Ray Columbus 7 The Invaders, La De Da’s, The Avengers etc.), though I bought them all in the after-market of the 80’s.  The good albums:

Split Enz – Mental Notes (1975); Hello Sailor – s/t (1977); V.A. – AK 79 (1979); Th’ Dudes – Right First Time (1979); Split Enz – True Colours (1979); Sharon O’Neill – s/t (1980); The Crocodiles – Tears (1980); Toy Love – s/t (1980); Split Enz – Waiata (1981); The Gordons – s/t (1981); Graham Brazier – Inside Out (1981); The Hulamen – Beer and Skittles (1982); D. D. Smash – Cool Bananas (1982); Blam Blam Blam – Luxury Length (1982); Split Enz – Time and Tide (1982); Herbs – Light of the Pacific (1983); Sneaky Feelings – Send You (1983); The Mockers – Culprit and the King (1985); The Verlaines – Bird Dog (1987); Shona Laing – South (1987); The Front Lawn – Songs from the Front Lawn (1989); Chris Knox – Seizure (1990); Straitjacket Fits – Hail (1990); The Chills – Soft Bomb (1992); Exponents – Something Beginning With C (1992); The Mutton Birds – s/t (1992); Dave Dobbyn & The Stone People – Lament For The Numb (1993) etc.

Yes, my list might’ve been a bit different, with:  Alastair Riddell – Space Waltz (1975); Citizen Band – s/t (1978); Mi-Sex – Graffiti Crimes (1979);  Coup D’Etat – s/t (1980);  Swingers – Practical Jokers (1982); Screaming Meemees – If This Is Paradise, I’ll Take The Bag (1982);   Zaine Griff – Figures (1982);   I Am Joe’s Music – s/t (1983);  Dance Exponents – Prayers Be Answered (1983);  Wastrels – The Jenner Affair (1983);  Phil Judd – Private Lives (1983); Hip Singles – Play Up (1983);  Coconut Rough – s/t (1984);  QED – Animal Magic (1984);  Headless Chickens – s/t (1986); Tall Dwarfs – The Short and Sick of It (1986);  Bailter Space – Nelsh (1987); Jenny Morris – Body & Soul (1987);  Schnell Fenster – The Sound of Trees (1988) etc.

Of course, the titles I would add to Mr. Bollinger’s list are specific to my taste and experience.

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5 Responses to 100 Essential New Zealand Albums

  1. Brian Ware says:

    It’s so amazing just scanning those titles to see how many of them are major components of the soundtrack of my life. And I have Ron Kane to thank for almost all of it. I wonder if there’s a parallel universe where I did not meet you. I guess I’d still be obsessing over my Alan Parson’s Project records.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Many of those titles are “major works”, Brian – we all know it. It’s just a shame that more people never got the chance to hear this wonderful music. We listened – to our mutual benefit!

  3. Sheryl says:

    This is a message to Nick Bollinger. I am wondering if you have had an opportunity to listen and enjoy the DELSHEMIA 2012 posted to you approx four weeks back. If you are able to reply it would be great. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you.
    Kind regards, Sheryl ( Port Charles, Coromandel)

  4. chas_m says:

    Alastair Riddell INDEED! or as the kids say, FTW!! And all the rest of your list (I’m not familiar with everything on it but 75 percent of it I know — mostly thanks to you!).

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