Jethro Tull

10-8-12          Jethro Tull

On 10-6-73 Slade “Sladest” (‘best of’) LP was No. 1 in England.  On 10-5-74 Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” LP re-charted at No. 1 in England; on 10-8-78 The Stranglers 2nd album “No More Heroes” charts at No. 2 in England; on 10-6-79 The Stranglers “The Raven” charts at No. 4 in England.

I regularly look at my Flicker page’s “Recent Activity” section: Jethro Tull seems to come up all the time!  The earlier the release, the better – it seems.

I got started with Jethro Tull after hearing them on a Warner / Reprise “loss leader” double LP in about 1969 or so.  I remained with them until 1972, and the release of “Thick As A Brick”.  In the intervening years, I have gone back and filled in my collection, so now have everything up to about ’80 or so.  Here’s the decent stuff:

CDx3           20 YEARS OF JETHRO TULL (Collection) (3CD boxed set)      CHRYSALIS US     V3K 41653

1988 65 TRKS (70’s / 80’s recordings) boxed set

CD                25th ANNIVERSARY BOX Disc #2 (Collection)                             CHRYSALIS US     CDCHR 60042

1970 10 TRKS Live ’70 (’93 issue)

LP                AQUALUNG                                                                                         ISLAND/CHR UK   ILPS 9145

1971 11 TRKS original UK issue

CD                AQUALUNG (CD + DVD + LP Boxed Set) 5.1                                CHRYSALIS US     AQUA 1

1971 / 2011 25 TRKS + DVD 5.1 + LP (new mix) Boxed set

CD                AQUALUNG (Kami)                                                                            TOSHIBA JPN        TOCP-65882

1971 17 TRKS (6 x bonus tracks) (’01 issue) Kami sleeve

LP                AQUALUNG (QUAD remix LP) test pressing                                CHRYSALIS US     CH4 1044

1971 11 TRKS Quad test pressing, remixed

LP                BENEFIT                                                                                               ISLAND/CHR UK   ILPS 9123

1970 10 TRKS UK original

CD                BENEFIT re                                                                                          CHRYSALIS US     535457.2

1970 14 TRKS (’01 issue) (4 x bonus tracks)

7″                 LIFE IS A LONG SONG (EP) (PS)                                                    ISLAND/CHR UK   WIP 6106

1971 5 TRK EP with pic sleeve

LPx2            LIVING IN THE PAST (Collection)                                                    ISLAND/CHR UK   CJT 1/2

1972 21 TRK Collection, UK original; large booklet

CDx2           LIVING IN THE PAST (Collection) (Kami)                                      TOSHIBA JPN        TOCP-67369/70

1972 21 TRKS (’04 issue) kami sleeve

LP                MY GOD! pirate                                                                                    ATHAPASCAN        20.5

1970? 8 TRKS pirate, blue vinyl; Live + studio

CD                NOTHING IS EASY – LIVE, ISLE OF WIGHT 1970                        EAGLE US              ER 20067.2

1970 8 TRKS Live ’70 (’04 issue)

LP                STAND UP                                                                                           ISLAND UK             ILPS 9103

1969 10 TRKS UK original issue, pop-up

CD                STAND UP (Kami)                                                                              TOSHIBA JPN        TOCP-65880

1969 14 TRKS (’01 issue) (kami sleeve) (4 x bonus tracks)

7″                 SWEET DREAM / 17                                                                           ISLAND/CHR UK   WIP 6070

1969 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, long vers. of “17”

LP                THICK AS A BRICK                                                                             CHRYSALIS UK     CHR 1003

1972 2 TRKS orig. UK issue

CD                THICK AS A BRICK (Kami)                                                               TOSHIBA JPN        TOCP-65883

1972 4 TRKS (2 x bonus tracks) kami sleeve (’01 issue)

LP                THIS WAS                                                                                             ISLAND UK             ILPS 9085

1968 10 TRKS UK original issue

CDx2           THIS WAS (Deluxe Edition)                                                               CHRYSALIS US     206497.2

1968 35 TRKS (’08 issue) 40th annv. Edition

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5 Responses to Jethro Tull

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Funny you should mention Ian Anderson/Tull. He was just in town on the “Thick As A Brick 2” tour billed as Ian Anderson instead of Tull. His reasoning? “It keeps the riffraff at home,” he says. “The beer-drinking buddies stay home instead of coming drunk to my concerts, whistling, shouting and hooting at all the quiet moments. That’s something I can’t abide.”

    Boy howdy, you can say that again! the one time I saw Tull in the late 80s [“Rock Island” tour? – I just had to look that up since the last Tull album I am slightly conversant with is 1980’s “A”] Anderson set aside much time in the performance to upbraid the hooligan element in his audience! Methinks Anderson shouldn’t have been a “rock star” then! It sort of comes with the territory. Join Mr. Fripp at the queue on the left!

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    I saw them (J.T.) once in San Francisco, with It Bites as an opening act – late 80’s, early 90’s? Neither act turned in a truly memorable show. J.T. had some sort of large machine on stage, Anderson turned the crank?

  3. postpunkmonk says:

    Hey, It Bites were the opener when I saw them too! It must have been the same tour we saw. 1989? Don’t remember any huge props for Tull’s set. It was a show I went to because a friend asked if I wanted to go. I was a dozen years past any caring by that point. Not that I ever cared too much to begin with! I think “Stormwatch” was the only Tull album ever in my Record Cell! 33 years later, I can only recall “Dun Ringhill” from that album. Tull was always a group my friends were into much, much more than I was.

  4. Dana madore says:

    Summer of 1969… a fellow band member vacationed in ENGLAND. He brought home 3 albums that would CHANGE MY LIFE (… yes, back then albums HAD that power!). One was FREE “Free” (their 2nd album)… TASTE “On The Boards”… and JETHRO TULL “This Was”. My life has not been the same SINCE Thank you Warren Vivian (who is in the hospital tonight undergoing double-hernia surgery and also battling Alzheimers…). I will NEVER forget you changing my life FOREVER !!!

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