On The Road – Pt. 3

9-25-12          On The Road Pt. 3

Steve Severin (Siouxsie & The Banshees) born 1955; on 9-25-71 Deep Purple “Fireball” LP was No. 1 in England; 9-25-82 Simple Minds “New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)” LP charts at No. 3 in England.

I will never forget my introduction to records imported into the United States:  My brother brought home a British LP for The Beatles “Sgt. Peppers”; glossy cover, it seemed flimsy, compared to the way US LP’s were constructed.  “Are your hands clean?”, he said.  I duly washed my hands, and he allowed me to handle his expensive prize ($5.75, I believe it had cost, in 1967 money).

I was given a typewriter and I made Rolodex index cards for my nascent “record collection”, pretty much patterned upon index cards I had seen in the public library’s card catalogue.  If I can find an example of my ‘early catalog card’, I will post it.  Because typing was intensive work, I learned to write everything down on a yellow legal pad, before typing commenced.  This would greatly aid my skills, shortly.

Likely it was my brother who told me about the Schwann Record Catalogue, easily obtainable at Wallach’s Music City.  At that time, in the late 60’s, they issued two different catalogues, a monthly catalog, and a “Supplementary” catalogue, which was meant to contain any release more than two years old – I think it was printed twice a year.  What do you do with these catalogs?  Ah, you look up all of your own records in them!

It somehow occurred to me that there were probably other records I might enjoy, if I could find in the Schwann catalog records with the same label and serial number sequence, but near the title I liked:  The Doors debut album is Elektra EKS-74007, and “Cosmic Sounds of The Zodiac” is Elektra EKS 74009; therefore, I must like whatever is Elektra EKS-74008, whatever it is!

So, you scour the Schwann catalogs, in search of EKS-74008.  No, Elektra wasn’t like Atco Records – they didn’t put photos of their other releases on the inner sleeves.  So, while I’m looking for EKS-74008, I began a list of all of the Atco Records LP’s I could find!  Their inner sleeves had photos of their other releases!  So, I wrote up yellow legal pads of all potential numbering sequences for Atco’s 33-XXX series, and “filled in the blanks”!  The inner sleeve answered many questions, but the Schwann catalog answered many more questions!  So, that’s what you do with this book!

EKS-74008 is The Dusk Till Dawn Orchestra “Sea Drift”; it’s written / orchestrated by Mort Garson, the same guy that did the music on “Cosmic Sounds of the Zodiac”!  It took me a couple of years to find a copy (in the “King Carol” mail-order catalog).

The Bee Gees and Cream were on Atco, therefore anything / everything on Atco must have some intrinsic value?  “Chickenman”!  Tom Sankey!

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2 Responses to On The Road – Pt. 3

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Atco! Roxy Music! Gary Numan! I also did the index card bit but somewhat differently. My first 30-50 albums I did typed a card for[song durations + info] and kept it inside of the sleeve. Once I discovered used record stores and my numbers increased dramatically, I stopped with the cards.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Used record stores greatly increase one’s intake!

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