The Who – “Who’s Next”

9-18-12          The Who – “Who’s Next”

Annette Funicello co-star Frankie Avalon born 1940; on 9-18-71 The Who “Who’s Next” LP was No. 1 in England.  On 9-16-72 Rod Stewart “Never A Dull Moment” LP was No. 1 in England.  On 9-14-74 Mike Oldfield “Hergest Ridge” LP (his 2nd solo album) was No. 1 in England.

This is another album that I have quite a few variants of.  Best sounding is still the UK Track Record LP.  I can’t explain it, it just sounds better, clearer – with more ‘punch’ than even the SHM-SA-CD version.

DVD             WHO’S NEXT (“Classic Albums”)     IMAGE                              ID9075ERDVD

1999 61 min documentary

CDx2           WHO’S NEXT (Deluxe edition)           MCA US                           113 056.2

1971 29 TRKS (’03 issue)(20 x bonus tracks)

SA                WHO’S NEXT (SHM-SA-CD Kami)    UNIVERSAL JPN           UIGY-9022

1971 9 TRKS non-hybrid SA-CD (’10 issue) kami sleeve

LP                WHO’S NEXT (UK)                               TRACK RECORD UK   2408 102

1971 9 TRKS U.K. original pressing

LP                WHO’S NEXT (US)                               DECCA US                     DL 79182

1971 9 TRKS U.S. original pressing

CD                WHO’S NEXT re-mastered                 MCA US                           MCAD 11269

1971 16 TRKS (7 x bonus tracks) ’95 issue

Why did I keep the 1995 re-mastered CD when the Deluxe 2CD edition got released?  Different bonus tracks, matey!

The documentary DVD is pretty good, too.  It was part of the “Classic Albums” TV series in England, and they pretty much got to everybody involved (that was still living in 1999).

What would they have to do to get me to buy this title again?  Well, someone, somewhere (in summertime) could assemble and issue a proper “Lifehouse” CD + DVD + (whatever) boxed set.  I do somehow get the feeling that they’re (Townshend & Co.) are not “finished” with the post-Tommy / pre-Quadrophenia material from The Who.

And what of the material?  This is the album by The Who that has been flogged to death, mostly by FM radio.  In fact, it’s much more difficult to hear the short 45 version of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” than it is to hear the 9 minute LP version.  It is the first album by The Who that is recorded really well, too.  I was really disappointed by the Japanese SA-CD of it; I thought it should’ve sounded at least as good as the original Track Record LP!  (It’s all in the mastering, folks!).

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4 Responses to The Who – “Who’s Next”

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    We’ve been in a bit of a Who phase at the moment. We just watched the 2xDVD “Amazing Journey” and I’ve been playing my two Who albums; this one in the 1995 DLX RM and the godlike “Who Sell Out” in its same incarnation. I have to say, having heard what came afterward, this is the last Who album that is a classic. I can easily skip the rest [apart from maybe “It’s Hard”]. The phrase “Classic Rock” is overused; often being said just to represent music that is 40 years old, but overplay or not, [and I’ve heard “Baba” and “Fooled” continually during my 18-24 month dalliance with “FM Rock” in ’77-’79] I have to admit that every song on “Who’s Next” sounds magnificent. This is the sound of the band firing on all cylinders. Possibly for the final time. I can play this and still be amazed at how great “rock music” 40 years old can sound to me; and quite frankly, I am biased against such stuff! I really must get the DLX RMs of “My Generation” and “A Quick One.” I’ve never heard them, if you can believe that! “Tommy?” That one I have heard! Never liked that one at all! Possibly the most overrated and wrong minded album in the “classic rock” canon!

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Never seen a DLX re-master for “A Quick One”, Jim-san. There’s the 20 track re-master from the mid-90’s, but – beware the ‘variants’! Some of them play in true stereo, while others remain in mono and (worse yet) re-channeled mono.
    DLX re-master of “My Generation” is magnificent, just glorious stereo sound!

  3. ronkanefiles says:

    I already have the album in stereo on CD, and I have no doubt at all the the packaging would be first rate, well worth the cash, but…also bet it’s more than $60, by the time it gets here – with no material that I don’t already have.

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