Time Machine 1972 (Phonolog)

9-3-12                         Time Machine 1972

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of September 4, 1972

Caught my eye:

MARTIN MULL (Capricorn 0106) (LP)

MONTY PYTHON – Another Monty Python Record (Charisma CAS 1049) (LP/CD)

HORACE SILVER – United States of Mind – Phase 3 All (Blue Note 84420)

Three good ones – the debut Capricorn LP from comedian Martin Mull.  The 2nd actual album by British comedy group Monty Python.  U.S. copy differed slightly from the British issue.  Horace Silver continues in the 70’s, still in the original Blue Note numbering series – nice jazz!

Also of interest:

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD – Phoenix (Capitol SMAS-1109)

TODD RUNDGREN – Runt – The Ballad of Todd Rundgren (Bearsville 2047)

SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION – Triad (Harvest / Capitol SW-11095)

All records that I noticed, but didn’t buy.  Todd’s first post-Nazz LP release.

Notable singles:

APHRODITE’S CHILD – Break b/w Babylon (Vertigo 107)

TODD RUNDGREN – Hello It’s Me b/w Cold Morning Light (Bearsville 0009)

FAMILY – Burlesque b/w Rockin’ R’s (United Artists 50951)

JONATHAN KING – It’s A Tall Order for a Short Guy b/w Learned Tax Counsel (UK 49002)

ARTHUR LEE – Sad Song b/w You Want Change For Your Re-Run (A&M 1381)

U.S. Vertigo single #7.  Todd’s ‘flop’ single that gets played 40 years on.  A great Family 45!  Interesting Jonathan King 45 – never seen it or heard it!  Ex-Love front-man Arthur Lee – yet another solo single for A&M.

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