Hugh Cornwell

8-28-12          Hugh Cornwell

The Stranglers’ Hugh Cornwell born 1949.  That makes him one year younger than my late older brother!  I’ve seen Hugh Cornwell play live, both with The Stranglers and as a solo act.  He signed some of my vinyl, and was very gracious about it.  I actually like some of his post-early 80’s solo works.

While he was in The Stranglers:

12″               ONE IN A MILLION / (7″ Version) / SIREN SONG                   PORTRAIT UK             TX 6509

1985 3 TRKS with pic sleeve

12″               FACTS + FIGURES                                                                       VIRGIN UK                   VS 922-12

1987 3 TRKS with pic sleeve

LP                WOLF                                                                                              VIRGIN US                   90947.1

1988 10 TRKS U.S. version

CD                WOLF                                                                                              VIRGIN UK                   CDV 2420

1988 10 TRKS UK version

12″               ANOTHER KIND OF LOVE promo                                             VIRGIN US                   PR 2392

1988 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, promo-only

12″               DREAMING AGAIN / BLUE NOTE / GETTING INVOLVED     VIRGIN UK                   VST 1093

1988 3 TRKS with pic sleeve

CD5              ANOTHER KIND OF LOVE                                                          VIRGIN UK                   VSCD 945

1988 4 TRK CD Single CD5

CD5              DREAMING AGAIN                                                                        VIRGIN UK                   VSCD 1093

1988 4 TRK CD Single CD5

12″               ANOTHER KIND OF LOVE / REAL PEOPLE                           VIRGIN UK                   VS 945-12

1988 4 TRKS with pic sleeve

After he left The Stranglers:

CD                FEATURING CORNWELL / COOK / WEST                              UFO UK                        UFO9CD

1992 10 TRKS

CD                WIRED                                                                                            TRANSMISSION UK   TRANSCD 1

1993 11 TRKS CD-only release?

CD                GUILTY                                                                                           SNAPPER                    SMACD 501

1997 11 TRKS CD-only release?

CD                HI FI                                                                                                 KOCH US                     KOC-CD-8220

2001 13 TRKS CD-only release?

CD                BEYOND ELYSIAN FIELDS                                                        IHM UK                          IHCD 38

2005 11 TRKS Tony Visconti, prod., CD-only release?

CDx3           PEOPLE PLACES PIECES (3CD boxed set)                          IHM UK                          IHCD 44

2006 45 TRKS Live

LP                HOOVERDAM                                                                                IHM UK                          IH 52

2008 10 TRKS

CD                HOOVERDAM (CD + DVD)                                                          IHM UK                          IHCD 52

2008 10 TRKS + 81m DVD: “Blueprint”

CDx2           NEW SONGS FOR KING KONG                                                IHM UK                          IHCD 58

2010 19 TRKS Live 11/09

The last studio album was “Hooverdam”, which I highly recommend.  The CD is a CD + DVD package, and he was selling an LP of it at one of the shows I was lucky enough to see.  On either side of that one, you get multiple-disc live sets, which are generally pretty good.

Thanks for the good stuff, Mr. Cornwell!

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