Daniel Amos

8-23-12          Daniel Amos

Keith Moon born 1946, Singer / Songwriter Edwyn Collins of Orange Juice born 1959; 8-23-80 Roxy Music “Flesh and Blood” LP was No. 1 in England.

“Real Outsider Music”

Look no further than CCM ( = Contemporary Christian Music ) band Daniel Amos. They’ve been together, on and off, since 1976.  Initially, they started out as a country-rock outfit, and gradually made their way through operatic rock music (think: Queen) eventually arriving at hard rock, followed by (nascent) new wave music! Some of their 80’s/90’s records look very “industrial”, a la Front 242.

Yes, they have their own website:


You can buy their early albums as deluxe 2CD re-mastered sets from this website.

At present, August 2012 finds the band with a “Kickstarter” project to record a new album.


As of this writing, the project is “fully funded”, but it would be so cool to see a lot more cash donated towards the project, so they could really produce a top notch CCM ‘masterpiece’.

So, how is it possible that there’s a rock band that’s been together for 35+ years – and you’ve never heard of them? “Normal” record stores do not carry CCM; non-Christian radio stations do not play CCM; “The Press” (any “Normal” paper or magazine that regularly writes about rock music) do not write about CCM. Daniel Amos are hence “obscure” – to the outside / exterior world.

One certainly does not have to be a practicing Christian to listen to or enjoy the music of Daniel Amos. Having been through such a vast variety of styles, one can only guess at what they will come up with next.

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