Scritti Politti – “Absolute” (2011 Collection)

8-22-12          Scritti Politti – “Absolute” (2011 Collection)

John Lee Hooker born 1917, singer Dale Hawkins born 1936; on 8-22-70 The Moody Blues “A Question of Balance” LP was No. 1 in England.

When I was looking in a different direction, in 2011, Virgin England snuck out a Scritti Politti “Best Of” CD, with 2 ‘new’ songs on it!  “A collection of the words & music of Scritti Politti”.  Nice liner notes by Simon Reynolds.  Packaging looks a bit like a ‘left over’ set of designs from a previous Scritti Politti release.

Wood Beez (7” Version)


The Word Girl (Edit)

Perfect Way

Hypnotize (Short Version)

Oh Patti (Don’t Feel Sorry For Loverboy)

Boom! There She Was (US Mix)


Tinseltown To The Boogiedown (Radio Edit)

Die Alone

Brushed With Oil, Dusted With Powder

Skank Bloc Bologna

The “Sweetest Girl”

Asylums In Jerusalem

Jacques Derrida

She’s A Woman (Little Way Different 7”)

A Day Late and a Dollar Short (2010)

A Place We Both Belong (2010)

So, not completely useless, as collections go.   Couple of 7” edits, making their CD debut.  Guess “First Boy In This Town” didn’t make the (single) cut.  The two new songs are OK / good, but have an almost ‘unfinished’ feeling to them.  CD clocks in at 76:26, making it the longest-ever Scritti Politti CD.  A compulsory purchase, for the 2 x new songs.

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1 Response to Scritti Politti – “Absolute” (2011 Collection)

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I knew about this from the “So Hip It Hurts” blog I read back when it came out. Here’s what I said about “A Day Late And A Dollar Short” back in 2011:

    Lieber Gott!! Talk about “always leave them wanting more!” That’s my first rule in this dirty business called “show” and this tune has that quality in spades! The electro-glam beat is strongly suggestive of the godlike “Temptation [demo version]” by H17. The arrangement harkens back to the C+P85 era of complexity, but whereas that album was airy and effervescent, this puppy worships at the altar of bass and midrange for a contemporary impact. It’s got a good beat, and you can dance to it. I give it a 9/10.

    Still haven’t seen a copy though!

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