Backtrack #2

8-21-12          Backtrack series (#2)

Kenny Rogers born 1938, Count Basie born 1904; on 8-21-71 “Top Of The Pops Vol. 18” Various Artists LP was No. 1 in England; 8-18-79 The Stranglers “Duchess” 45 charts at No. 14 in England.

The 2nd volume of “Backtrack” is yet more neat UK 45’s collected in one handy low-priced place.


2407 002

THE WHO – Under My Thumb

MARSHA HUNT – Desdemona

JIMI HENDRIX – Purple Haze

JOHN’S CHILDREN – Come And Play With Me In The Garden


THE WHO – Magic Bus



CHERRY SMASH – Sing Songs Of Love (only on this sampler, 45 never released)

THE WHO – Pinball Wizard

ARTHUR BROWN – Nightmare

JIMI HENDRIX – Let Me Light Your Fire (AKA “Fire”)

THE WHO – The Last Time

Both sides of The Who’s 45 “Under My Thumb” b/w “The Last Time” on one handy LP!  I believe the idea was that The Who would cover and release songs written by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger until the British police quit hounding them.

Per yesterday’s post, I never saw original UK Track Record material by Marsha Hunt.  Because Marc Bolan appears on her stuff, his fans have already bought all of it.  None for me.

2 more good Jimi Hendrix songs that were 45’s.  For some reason, I thought the Fairport Convention 45 was on Polydor, not Track Record.  But I checked, and – voila – it’s Track Record 604 020, from 1968; their debut 45!  And I do not believe that “Magic Bus” by The Who ever had a real LP home, at least in the UK.

The wonderful hit by John Keen, Andy Newman and Jimmy McCulloch: “Something In The Air”!  And as far as I know, the Cherry Smash 45 was never released.  I believe the song “Sing Songs of Love” also appears on a Manfred Mann collection of rarities.  And in England, “Pinball Wizard” was a hit 45.  “Nightmare” by Arthur Brown was another non-LP track, leading up to “Fire”.  Great stuff!

So, more great Track Record 45’s collected onto a low-price LP!

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