Backtrack #1

8-16-12          Backtrack series (#1)

Kevin Ayers born 1944, jazz pianist Bill Evans born 1929

I have collected the UK Track Record Backtrack series for well over 40 years.  Even their sampler albums were of interest to me.  Volume 1 in the series was really cool:


2407 001

MARSHA HUNT – Walk On Guilded Splinters


ARTHUR BROWN – Devil’s Grip

THE WHO – Pictures Of Lily

JIMI HENDRIX – All Along The Watchtower

JOHN’S CHILDREN – Desdemona (with Marc Bolan)



THE WHO – I Can See For Miles


ANDY ELLISON – It’s Been A Long Time (John’s Children singer)

THE WHO – Call Me Lightning

JIMI HENDRIX – The Wind Cries Mary

Never could find the Track Record originals for Marsha Hunt.  I even got her book, when I lived in England!  “Hey Joe” is Jimi Hendrix’s debut UK 45, a cover version.  “Devil’s Grip” is a non-LP Arthur Brown A-Side, and pretty great.  “Pictures Of Lily” is a rockin’ Who 45!  Never ever saw the John’s Children originals – the darn Marc Bolan fans snapped ‘em all up!

Arthur Brown’s “Fire” is, of course, the famous “I am the God of Hell, Fire!” proclamation!  “I Can See For Miles” is a fantastic “The Who Sell Out” 45.  Eire Apparent were an Irish band that were produced by Jimi Hendrix, though not sure if this track was.  Andy Ellison is the John’s Children singer that wasn’t Marc Bolan – in the 70’s Mr. Ellison delighted us with Jet and The Radio Stars!  “Call Me Lightning” is one of my favorite Who 45’s, I just love it!  And “The Wind Cries Mary” is a decent Jimi Hendrix 45, but…he’s still on his way.

The Backtrack series LP’s sold in England in the early 70’s for a mere 99 pence; virtually the cost of a 45!  The LP pressings were of the same quality of the normal Track Record UK releases.  In other words, they were an exceptional deal – particularly when providing otherwise non-LP tracks, like “Devil’s Grip”!

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5 Responses to Backtrack #1

  1. Dana says:

    Even “back in the day” the BACKTRACK series weren’t very prevalent even here in L.A., a supposedly cool place to find records. On a related not, I believe the EIRE APPARENT track, “Follow Me”, was produced by Chas Chandler!

  2. postpunkmonk says:

    Speaking of Chas Chandler… he was personally thanked in the liner notes to the new Claudia Brücken CD/DVD. Does anyone have a clue as to why? I would think that there’s more than six degrees of separation between the two!

    • postpunkmonk says:

      As it transpires, Chas Chandler is the manager of the Salvo reissue label which has carried Propaganda as well as Claudia Brücken’s “Combined” compilation. Now we know. All of the ZTT DLX RMS are released through Salvo.

  3. ronkanefiles says:

    Bryan James “Chas” Chandler (18 December 1938 — 17 July 1996)

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