Joni Mitchell

8-15-12          Joni Mitchell

Jazzer Oscar Peterson born 1925, Singer / Songwriter Jimmy Webb born 1946; Simple Minds “Love Song” 45 charts at No. 59 in England.

I never did get on the Joni Mitchell bandwagon, for real.  I knew who she was, saw her songs on Judy Collins albums etc.  I got some of her original vinyl, but only recently got my first Joni Mitchell CD!

Gary in NZ always used to tell me that he thought the first few JM albums were important, so I kept the (mostly) original vinyl.

LP            BLUE                                                   REPRISE US               MS 2038

1972? 10 TRKS

LP            CLOUDS                                               REPRISE US               RS 6341

1970 10 TRKS

LP            COURT AND SPARK                             ASYLUM JPN               P-8412Y

1974 11 TRKS insert

LP            FOR THE ROSES                                 ASYLUM US SD 5057

1972 12 TRKS original issue

LP            HEJIRA                                                 ASYLUM US 7E-1087

1976 9 TRKS

CD            HITS                                                     REPRISE US               46326.2

1996 15 TRK Collection ’67 – ’91

LP            JONI MITCHELL (1969)                          REPRISE US               RS 6293

1969 10 TRKS “Song To A Seagull”

LP            LADIES OF THE CANYON                     REPRISE US               RS 6376

1970 12 TRKS re-issue

“Hits” also has a companion disc of “Misses”, which I do not have.

“Hits” (1996) CD:

Urge For Going (Recorded 1967)

Chelsea Morning (“Clouds”, 1969)

Big Yellow Taxi (“Ladies Of The Canyon”, 1970)

Woodstock (“Ladies Of The Canyon”, 1970)

The Circle Game (“Ladies Of The Canyon”, 1970)

Carey (“Blue”, 1971)

California (“Blue”, 1971)

You Turn me On I’m A Radio (“For The Roses”, 1972)

Raised On Robbery (“Court and Spark”, 1974)

Help Me (“Court and Spark”, 1974)

Free Man In Paris (“Court and Spark”, 1974)

River (“Blue”, 1971)

Chinese Café / Unchained Melody (“Wild Things Run Fast”, 1982)

Come In From The Cold (“Night Ride Home”, 1991)

Both Sides, Now (“Clouds”, 1969)

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3 Responses to Joni Mitchell

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    The only Joni Mitchell album I have ever heard, and I loved it, was “Mingus.” Lotta love for Jaco! That was the first fretless bass I’d ever remembered hearing and it was hugely impactful on my young ears. Plus, jazz is all over folk! I hope I never hear “Chelsea Morning” ever again… and it’s been almost 40 years since I last heard it! I might be good with post ’75 PM.

  2. Brian Ware says:

    Never ever could muster much interest in Joni. I respect her considerable talent, but I could never warm up to her. When I need to get folky in a 70s kind of way, I’ll stick with my Al Stewart LPs.

  3. postpunkmonk says:

    Hmmmmm. Jimmy Webb is coming to Asheville March of 2013. Great writing and arranging, but do I want to hear him warbling “Up Up And Away?” Actually, I don’t want to hear anyone singing that song. I was burnt out on it by the age of six just from TV variety show overexposure!

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