Esoteric Records

8-9-12             Esoteric Records

Rapper Kurtis Blow born 1959; 8-9-86 Yello “Goldrush” 45 charts at No. 54 in England.

There’s a company in England that re-issues almost exclusively progressive rock called Esoteric Records.  Mark Powell, the guy who assembles these releases, is closely associated with Esoteric Records.  Here’s what their release schedule looks like for August and September 2012:

August 2012
Spontaneous Combustion – s/t
Spontaneous Combustion – Triad
Solution – Solution (Dutch jazz rock)
Solution – Divergence
Boxer – Below the Belt (Mike Patto and Ollie Halsall)
Boxer – Bloodletting

September 2012
Cressida – Vertigo Years Anthology (2 CD anthology)
Cressida – Trapped in Time (rare 69 demos)
Beggars Opera – Nimbus (2 CD anthology)
Bill Nelson – Trial By Intimacy (4 CD clamshell box)
Ache – De Homine Urbano (Danish rock)
Ache – Green Man
String Driven Thing – The Machine that Cried

September looks particularly good to me.  For one thing, I’ve been after a CD of the 3rd String Driven Thing album for some time now; never could lay my hands on a German CD of it (that has existed for some time now).

And I am a huge fan of Cressida!  They’re one of the better ‘Vertigo bands’ (I think I like them and Gracious! the best of the ‘Vertigo bands’).  Not sure what they could put on a Vertigo Years Anthology that I don’t already have, but the “Trapped In Time” ’69 demos look great!

I just love it when stuff of this nature gets re-issued!  This kind of music should be readily available to whoever wants to hear it; it’s not stuff that should be reserved only for expensive vinyl originals.

This same company also did a public service in re-issuing most of the Supersister albums on CD, a few years back.

I also recently got Mark Powell’s book, “Prophets & Sages – An Illustrated Guide to Underground and Progressive Rock 1967 – 1975” – required reading!

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2 Responses to Esoteric Records

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Ah yes, Esoteric Records. One of the fine specialty subsidiaries under the Cherry Red umbrella [which is vast].

  2. Dana says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend!

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