10cc (after-market)

8-8-12             10cc (after-market)

C&W legend Webb Pierce born 1926, rapper Kool Moe Dee born 1962

CD                CHANGING FACES (Collection)                                                         POLYDOR JPN              P33P-20144   1988 16 TRK Collection, with Godley & Crème

CD                THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE, THE (Collection)                                MERCURY JPN             PHCA-3015    1990 15 TRK Collection, Japan-only

CD                MEANWHILE                                                                                          POLYDOR JPN              POCP-1221     1992 10 TRKS Japanese pressing

CD5              WELCOME TO PARADISE                                                                   POLYDOR UK                PZCD 218        1992 3 TRK CD Single

CD                FOOD FOR THOUGHT (Collection)                                                   SPECTRUM DE             550004.2         1993 14 TRK Collection (70’s/80’s recordings)

CD                KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR PRESENTS – IN CONCERT      BMG US                          88003.2            1995 11 TRKS Live, Santa Monica, CA 11/11/75

CD                MIRROR MIRROR                                                                                 CUTTING EDGE JPN   CTCR-13033  1995 15 TRKS Japanese pressing

CD5              READY TO GO HOME                                                                           ZYX DE                            ZYX 7822.8      1995 3 TRK CD Single CD5

CD                VERY BEST OF                                                                                      MERCURY UK               534612.2        1997 18 TRK Collection, with Godley & Crème, Hotlegs etc. – re-mastered

CD                MILLENNIUM COLLECTION                                                               MERCURY US               548237.2         2002 11 TRK Collection

CD                DRESSED TO KILL (Collection)                                                         SPECTRUM UK             544534.2         2002 16 TRK Collection (70’s recordings)

DVD             FROM THE FRONT ROW…LIVE! (DVD-A)                                       SILVERLINE US            288159.9         2003 11 TRKS DVD-Audio

I was late to the game, with my 10cc listening.  I was probably always more of a Godley & Crème fan, actually.  As I never did the 10cc albums in ‘real time’, I was a lot less picky, when it came to collections; it never mattered to me whether or not the collection featured the early days / latter days of the band.

So this is a list of everything I have post-their 2nd ‘Greatest Hits’ album.  What an odd collection of collections, for the most part.  Yes, some of them are of ‘the old band” (with Godley & Crème), while some are straight “Greatest Hits” – but they always seemed to have slightly differing tracks.

And live albums!  Yes, there was an ‘original’ live album, but it was a bit too late.  The live albums one can find today are reasonably interesting, and now usually with the initial incarnation of the band.

I do not have as much stuff as I could, either.  I have never particularly followed their solo records, unless one counts Godley & Crème albums.  But there are some of those, admittedly not post-’88.

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One Response to 10cc (after-market)

  1. Brian Ware says:

    I was aware of them at the time, but can’t say I paid any attention until they had those couple of hit singles in the mid 70s. I think I started buying their LPs with “Deceptive Bends” and worked my way backwards. I really like the Godley/Çreme era, particularly “How Dare You?”. After “Bloody Tourists” I lost interest and never followed any further.

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