The Goon Show

8-7-12             The Goon Show

Rashaan Roland Kirk born 1936, Caetano Veloso born 1942; on 8-7-71 “Hot Hits 6” Various Artists LP was No. 1 in England.

LP                BEST OF THE GOON SHOWS                                                ODEON UK                PMC 1108

1960? 2 TRKS mono, Odeon label, hence export issue?

LP                BEST OF THE GOON SHOWS No. 2 mono                         PARLOPHONE NZ    PMCM 1129

1961? 2 TRKS mono, re-issue

7″                 BLUEBOTTLE BLUES (EP) (PS)                                            DECCA UK                 DFE 6396

1958? 4 TRK EP; with pic sleeve, re-issue

LP                DARK SIDE OF THE GOON (SOLO CLASSICS)                 EMI NZ                         MID 41

1981 19 TRK Collection; Sellers, Milligan, Secombe

CD                EMI COMEDY                                                                              EMI UK                        28597.2

2000 3 TRKS (1956-1959 recordings)

LP                FIRST MEN ON THE GOON                                                    PARLOPHONE NZ    PMC 7132

1968? 2 TRKS mono, re-issue

LP                GOON AGAIN mono                                                                  PARLOPHONE UK   PMC 7062

1968 2 TRKS mono

LP                GOON SHOW CLASSICS                                                        PYE US                       PYE 12118

1978 2 TRKS radio shows, ’54-’57 mono

LP                GOON SHOW CLASSICS Vol. 05                                           BBC US                       BBC-22339

1978 2 TRKS radio shows, ’55-’56

LP                GOON SHOW CLASSICS Vol. 06                                           BBC NZ                       REB 366

1979 2 TRKS radio shows

LP                GOON SHOW CLASSICS Vol. 08                                           BBC NZ                       REB 422

1981 2 TRKS radio shows

LP                GOON SHOW CLASSICS Vol. 09                                           BBC NZ                       REB 444

1982 2 TRKS radio shows

LP                GOON SHOW CLASSICS Vol. 10                                           BBC NZ                       REB 481

1983 2 TRKS radio shows

LP                GOON SHOW GREATS mono                                                PARLOPHONE UK   PMC 7179

1969? 4 TRKS mono

CDx2           GOON SHOWS Vol. 1                                                               EMI UK                        CDECC 4

1992 4 TRKS spoken word, ’56-’59 recordings

LP                GOON…BUT NOT FORGOTTEN                                            PARLOPHONE UK   PMC 7037

1967 2 TRKS mono

7″                 I’M WALKING BACKWARDS FOR CHRISTMAS                   DECCA UK                 F 13414

1957 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, re-issue

LP                LAST GOON SHOW OF ALL                                                    BBC UK                       REB 142S

1979 2 TRKS original issue

LP                MICHAEL PARKINSON MEETS THE GOONS                      BBC UK                       REC 259

1973 2 TRKS (’76 re-issue) 10/28/72 interview

CDx2           NEEDLE NARDLE NOO!                                                          BBC UK                       ZBBC 2115CD

1998 4 TRKS mono

CDx2           YING TONG IDDLE-I PO!                                                          BBC UK                       ZBBC 1870CD

1997 4 TRKS mono

CDx2           YOU HAVE DEADED ME AGAIN!                                             BBC UK                       ZBBC 1871CD

1997 4 TRKS mono

I didn’t hear The Goon Show until well after it was over with.  I knew the acting career of Peter Sellers (and his comedy LP’s) before ever hearing the Goon Show.  Years later, I got rather interested in Spike Milligan.

Generally accepted that they were the precursor of Monty Python, these days I can always hear the influence that The Beatles found in the Goons.

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