Barrow Poets / Doggerel Bank

8-2-12             Barrow Poets / Doggerel Bank

Garth Hudson of The Band born 1937; 8-1-81 Soft Cell “Tainted Love” 45 is No. 1 in England.

The works of William Bealby-Wright!  So far as I am aware, the sole Barrow Poets record I do not already have is a 45 of “Letter In A Bottle” b/w Dynamite Barbee” (Fontana UK 45, TF 939), 1968.

Barrow Poets:

7″                 AT THE PRINTER’S DEVIL                                                                     BARROW UK     B.R. 1

1967 17 TRKS EP with pic sleeve

LP                ENTERTAINMENT OF POETRY…, AN                                                 ARGO UK           RG 360

1963 2 TRKS mono

LP                FINEST FOLK, THE                                                                                  FONTANA UK    6857 003

1968 8 TRKS re-issue of “Folk Rhymes” etc.

LP                FOLK RHYMES, TUNES AND VERSES                                               FONTANA UK    STL 5479

1968 8 TRKS

LP                JOKER                                                                                                        RCA UK              SF 8110

1970 13 TRKS

LP                MAGIC EGG                                                                                               ARGO UK           ZSW 511

1971 13 TRKS

LP                OUTPATIENTS                                                                                          ARGO UK           ZSW 508

1971 15 TRKS

7″                 PHEASANT PLUCKER’S SONG, THE (PS)                                         BBC UK              RESL 86

1980 2 TRKS with pic sleeve



1976 2 TRKS with Sir John Betjeman

Doggerel Bank:

LP                MR. SKILLICORN DANCES                                                                   CHARISMA UK  CAS 1102

1975 13 TRKS produced by Hugh Murphy

LP                SILVER FACES                                                                                         CHARISMA UK  CAS 1079

1973 14 TRKS

7″                 TINY SEED OF LOVE                                                                               CHARISMA UK  CB 220

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

Only got “Silver Faces” and ”Manxman” organically; all the others were obtained via sharp-shooting.  “Pheasant Pluckers Song” was a gift from Mr. Bealby-Wright.

I originally bought “Silver Faces” because it was a Charisma UK LP I hadn’t seen previously – so long ago, I can’t remember exactly when I found it @ Rhino Records in Westwood, CA.  Later, I got a number of copies, when it turned up on a Scorpio cut-out list (at least that’s how I remember it).

I located Mr. William Bealby-Wright, via an Isle of Man website; when his reply arrived at my home, I recognized his handwriting on the exterior of the package.  Such exquisite handwriting / penmanship! (Mr. Bealby-Wright is standing at the right in the photo above)

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  1. Warren says:

    Doggerel Bank! I shall ever associate them with Tea and Symphony…

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