10th Anniversary

7-31-12          10th Anniversary

Ahmet Ertegun born 1923; Atlantic Records forever!  On 7-27-74 Paul McCartney / Wings “Band On The Run” LP was No. 1 in England; on 7-30-77 The Stranglers “Something Better Change” 45 charts at No. 9 in England.

Looks like I’ve been writing about music for approx. 10 years now.  On 7-30-02, I dashed off a short dismissal of The Monkees.  I do not dislike them, but I really couldn’t think of what to say – and I was going to attempt to do a ‘random’ artist each day.  That didn’t last for long!

So, 10 years of this – and no book deal in sight!

Yes, of course I could do a vanity press book.  But it’s 2012, and I would guess people would rather have an electronic version of my book?  Put it up on amazon.com?

Or I could re-write my favorite stuff, re-release it in ‘booklet’ form?

I took yesterday ‘off’, as you may have noticed.  Some rest for the wicked.

The idea for some time now has been for me to get www.ronkane.com off the ground – but it’s still in the waiting area – at this time.  Anyone want to help?

My thanks to Warren Bowman for originally suggesting Blogger to me.  My thanks to Tom Meyer for howling, when I ‘gave up’ the first time.  My thanks to all regular readers of this blog – you know who you are.

People in Los Angeles will soon be able to start buying some of my ‘cast offs’ @ Berdan Records in Monrovia in a few days.  That should be amusing and hopefully profitable.  I’d really rather sell everything on www.ronkane.com, but you know that story.

Atlanta was a lot of fun!  Can any readers suggest other big cities in the U.S. where I could look for records – that are not in any appreciable elevation?  Been to PDX, S.F., Seattle, Las Vegas, Atlanta…San Diego…

“Onward…”, as Mort Sahl once said.  “Channel 13 treasure chest of prizes!  Register now and win!” as Fred May once said.

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One Response to 10th Anniversary

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Pittsburgh was pretty awesome in 1992, but who knows after 20 years? There were some large, expansive, world class stores but that was before the scourge of peer-to-peer downloading spread like a cancer throughout the industry. Toronto you hit, and praise be, you got to see Sam The Record Man before they bit the dust. The goods were still there in 2001, but that was before the purging. Montreal wasn’t stellar in 1992. It seemed pretty “small town” actually. Avoid Savannah if record shopping is your goal! The only city I’ve ever visited with no record stores!!! Other than that, I loved the place! Nashville had Grimeys – a real winner. Especially for 7″ action. Cincinnati has Shake-It. A great store, but I was there on business and didn’t have time to seek out any others. Cuyahoga Falls/Akron/Cleveland had a lot of good stores. That 80 mile radius held vast stores of great stuff a decade or more ago. I haven’t been there recently, though. Lately, I read a lot about Chicago stores, but my one trip there in 1998 was not very bountiful [your mileage may vary]. It’s possible the stores getting so much [virtual] ink now didn’t exist 14 years ago!

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