Wednesday 7/25/12

It’s Wednesday, and I go back to work today.

Atlanta is only a 3 hour time difference, but I ‘felt’ it anyway.

Delighted with all of the stuff I found there.  I didn’t buy any duplicates this time!  I started playing everything last night.  Only one minor disappointment: a hairline crack in the Jefferson Airplane 45; I pushed it ‘back together’, and now it plays noise-less.

I had to re-glue several LP covers (Gary Shearston and Paul Mauriat; what was up with 70’s Euro cover glue that it dries out so thoroughly?)  And I think that the Sad Cafe was ’83 ‘dead-stock’, it was still shrink-wrapped!

Coffee will be up in a minute, and the day will start.

I started my new volume of “The Continuing Tales of Record Collector Glory”, new volume is #13.  Atlanta was a nice feather in the cap, as all of the stores I went in were new-to-me!

Might find myself near San Diego, CA this coming weekend, so there’s always oddball stuff down there.  And S.F. is coming up before you know it, early next month.

I’m at 495 new titles for 2012, so far.  So, while I am definitely slowing down, it’s quite a stack.

I would’ve thought there would’ve been more 45’s in Atlanta.  Only really Fantasyland had a large qty., and I didn’t find anything there in the 45 bin (but I did buy a Procol Harum 8-track tape!).  My main US artists are Wayne Cochran, Sue Thompson, Spike Jones, The Coasters…

Jim & Brian – send me your updated want lists – Amoebas SF & Berkeley are only a short time away.



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