Time Machine 1972 (Strange Days)

7-17-12          May 1972 New Releases – Time Machine 1972

Spencer Davis born 1941, Phoebe Snow born 1952 (I do like Spencer Davis Group!)

From Strange Days magazine, from Japan.  I’ve been following their “Time Machine” series for some time now, and will likely follow it for years to come.

Albums with May, 1972 releases dates this month include:  Uriah Heep “Demons and Wizards” (Bronze / Island UK LP ILPS 9193); Elton John “Honky Chateau” (DJM UK LP DJLPH 423); Caravan “Waterloo Lily” (Deram UK LP SDL-8); Weather Report “I Sing The Body Electric” (Columbia US LP KC 31352); Jeff Beck Group “Jeff Beck Group” (Epic UK LP S EPC 64899); The Rolling Stones “Exile On Main Street” (Rolling Stones UK 2LP set COC 69100, incl. postcards); Randy Newman “Sail Away (Reprise US LP MS 2064); The Raspberries “The Raspberries” (Capitol US LP SK-11036); The Beach Boys / as Carl & The Passions “So Tough” (Reprise / Brother US 2LP set 2MS 2083).

At the time, I was all over The Rolling Stones and Elton John.  Later than 1972, I also picked up Uriah Heep, Caravan and the Jeff Beck Group.  Of these 5, I probably like both The Rolling Stones and Caravan the best – though it is not my favorite Caravan album by a long-shot.  In 2012, “Exile On Main Street” seems to get a lot more love than it did upon it’s initial release (double LP’s were beginning to be considered over-indulgent by 1972).  For trainspotters, this is the Elton John album that had “Rocket Man” and “Honky Cat” for it’s singles.  Still chewing on the Jeff Beck Group and Uriah Heep (i.e. the jury is still out).

Then, as now – I do not know what to make of the jazz fusion offerings from Weather Report; I recently bought a Japanese “Best of” Sony CD inexpensively, but…it just reeks of “70’s jazz” to me.

Randy Newman is an artist that I remember being heavily touted about 1968 or so.  My older sister loaned me his debut album – the one with “Davy The Fat Boy” on it.  I knew some of Newman’s songs, as sung by Three Dog Night.  But I never seriously investigated his flawless singer – songwriter credentials, until…Yes, I kept a video or two from Mr. Newman, notably “I Love L.A.”, but…he’s just not “one of my artists”.

Am I wrong, or did the debut Raspberries LP come with a sticker on the front cover that actually smelled like chemical raspberries?  The 1972 version of “scratch & sniff”?  The music didn’t make an impression, in any event.  They were an American group.

Believe it or not, I had previously noticed The Beach Boys – with their Lieber & Stoller pastiche “Student Demonstration Time” on their “Surf’s Up” LP.  End of story, as far as I was (and am) concerned.  Am I out of the ballpark to suggest that by 1972, the BB’s were well-past their sell-by date?

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2 Responses to Time Machine 1972 (Strange Days)

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Re: Randy Newman: I can’t believe that I’m the one with a copy of the “Sail Away” DLX RM years before you! I would think that he was one of your artists. EVERYONE needs the album with “Political Science” on it in their home!

    Re: Beach Boys – Definitely past their “sell-by” date in ’72. Their long. slow, sad, death march [that’s taken over 40 years] has been truly pathetic. Someone should have forced Mike Love to get a real job ages ago!

    Re: Raspberries – My version of good, mainstream rawk. Sure sure. I prefer esoterica but wouldn’t turn my nose askance at their output. I have a Raspberries CD3 that Rhino put out but should have a fuller best of.

    I can’t believe you have no Jon Lord post!

  2. Brian Ware says:

    I’m okay with The Raspberries as well. I have a very listenable 20 track anthology that meets all my needs. And yes, one of those early LPs had the scratch and sniff sticker. Seem like I heard somebody say that their copy still has some of the scent!

    As I stated before, I was all over that Uriah Heep record. Totally 1972!!!!

    And finally, yeah, damn…. we need to talk about Jon Lord.

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