U.S. Pressings

7-4-12                         U.S. Pressings

A little flag waving…

I’ve been a British record snob for about 45 years now.  Must be the Clarifoil lamination (by the British Celanese Limited)?

My Coasters “Coast Along with the Coasters” Atco LP or Charles Mingus “Blues & Roots” on Atlantic have beautifully laminated, thick LP covers.  Where did the British Celanese Limited get the idea to laminate LP covers?

And is it my imagination, but are the 1960’s Capitol LP pressings by The Beatles practically indestructible?  You can (and did) play ‘em hundreds of times…

The best thing I ever found in LP packaging was the inner-sleeve of Atco Records LP’s towards the end of the 60’s, beginning of the 70’s – all those tiny photographs of LP covers reproduced in color with serial numbers!

Yes, I also grew up with US LP pressings – all of my original Verve LP’s by Frank Zappa; heavy covers, stiff paper inner-sleeves; a few of them were laminated, but mostly not.  I got those pressings into protective bags pretty early on, but they were constructed so well…hearty!

I remember when I first started getting Japanese pressings; I was a bit disappointed that they seemed to resemble U.S. pressings – in overall construction.  Nice thick cardboard covers, but…sweet Japanese pressings, much quieter than U.S. pressings.

My mouth waters when I think about opening cartons of German manufactured records.  Exotic smelling paper, glue, plastic; cover lamination!  Deutsche Grammophon pressings!

Some of the U.S. pressings held in highest esteem by collectors are original 1950’s RCA “Living Stereo” LP’s.  I had another friend play me the Harry Belafonte “At Carnegie Hall” 2LP “Living Stereo” on a reasonably nice stereo; sounded like a million bucks!

= = =

Since joining the 5.1 audio revolution (in the SA-CD and DVD formats), I have been ravenously consuming films on DVD with 5.1 audio; watching a lot of stuff that I never saw in theatres etc.  In fact, haven’t seen many films in the last 20 years!  If you have any films you can recommend to me from the last 25 years (with 5.1 audio a plus!), please do so!  What movies / films do you like from 1987 forward?

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2 Responses to U.S. Pressings

  1. Warren Bowman says:

    I like “Inception”.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    I looked it up; I’ll try and find a $5 of it to watch.

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