Augustus Pablo

6-21-12          Augustus Pablo

Kinks’ Singer / Songwriter Ray Davies born 1944, dub reggae hero Augustus Pablo born 1953; I own music by both.  “This Is Augustus Pablo”.

I was once reading in a British magazine (Mojo?  Uncut?) that the definitive dub reggae album was “This Is Augustus Pablo”.  I found a used CD of it, and…they were right.  It’s pretty interesting.  He plays the melodica.

Over the years, I have found and kept quite a bit of dub reggae.  I do not find reggae music offensive, and if you take away the nonsense lyrics, I like it even better!

I am nowhere near a completist on Augustus Pablo, but here’s what I have managed to find easily:

CD                CLASSIC ROCKERS (V.A.)                                                 ISLAND US                     539953.2

1995 16 TRK Compilation

CD                EAST OF THE RIVER NILE                                                 SHANACHIE                   SH 45051

2002 18 TRKS (6 x bonus tracks)

LP                EAST OF THE RIVER NILE                                                 SHANACHIE                   1003

1981 12 TRKS

CD                EASTMAN DUB                                                                     RAS US                            RAS 3038

1988 9 TRKS

CD                KING TUBBYS MEETS ROCKERS UPTOWN                 SHANACHIE                   SH 45059

1975 16 TRKS (’04 issue)

CD                MELODICA KING, THE                                                        OCHO UK                        OCHOCD 004

2000 21 TRK Collection

CDx4           MYSTIC WORLD OF – ROCKERS STORY                       SHANACHIE                   45068

2008 67 TRK Collection + DVD

LP                ORIGINAL ROCKERS                                                          GREENSLEEVES UK   GREL 8

1979 10 TRKS

LP                ROCKERS MEETS KING TUBBY IN A FIRE HOUSE     SHANACHIE                   43001

1980 9 TRKS

CD                THIS IS…AUGUSTUS PABLO                                            ABOVE ROCK                 ARM 2001

1972 14 TRKS

CD                VALLEY OF JEHOSAPHAT                                                  RAS US                            RAS 3184

1999 15 TRKS

CD                VERY BEST OF                                                                     JET STAR                        JSGCD 0452

2002 20 TRK Collection

I probably don’t need anymore than this, for Augustus Pablo, but I certainly wouldn’t say no to other inexpensive titles.

= = =

Not going to post everyday for a short while, but I will keep up the “Time Machine” episodes!

See you soon!

–          Ron

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2 Responses to Augustus Pablo

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I am cold to reggae, particularly the religious kind, but loves me some dub! There is no better late night listening [apart from jazz].

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    “This is Augustus Pablo” is your best entertainment value!

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