Roy Harper

6-12-12          Roy Harper

Singer / Songwriter Roy Harper born 1941, jazz pianist Chick Corea born 1941; HQ.

It’s Roy Harper’s birthday today!  Age 71 today!   I first got interested in his work, when I saw he was another name on Harvest Records from England – that I didn’t recognize.  Took care of that by finding a US copy of “Flat Baroque and Berserk” about 1971 or so.  “Hell’s Angels” is Roy being backed by The Nice – who he no doubt knew, because both artists had records produced by Shel Talmy.

By 1971 – 1972, I was wanting every record on the Harvest label from England.  They had a helpful innersleeve that had little B&W photos of their releases, and I definitely hadn’t seen all of them.  Roy Harper LP’s were easy to find, in almost every import bin in every L.A. record store that I could get to.  “How to find a copy of SHVL 761?” – that took a bit more work.

Due to the quality of his work, Roy got signed to Chrysalis Records for the US, and his “HQ” album got released as “When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease” (1975).  It’s about this time that I got to meet Roy Harper – and get some of my records autographed.  I had almost every Harvest record I could find by that time, and Roy’s “Lifemask” (1973) was a real favorite of mine.

Lots of people know Roy from the song dedicated to him on Led Zeppelin’s third album, “Hats Off To Roy Harper”.  Roy also sang “Have A Cigar” for Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” album – they were friends with him – and label-mates for the longest time.

At some point, I lost track of his releases – and next time I looked, there were about 20 more records than I ever knew existed.  Here’s a list of some of his post-Harvest label work, some of which is quite good!

CD            WORK OF HEART                             AWARENESS UK                      AWCD 1002   1982 6 TRKS

LP            WORK OF HEART                             PUBLIC UK          PUBLP 5001   1982 6 TRKS

CD            IN BETWEEN EVERY LINE                SCIENCE FR UK  HUCD 018       1986 7 TRKS Live

LPx2        IN BETWEEN EVERY LINE                EMI UK                EN 5004          1986 8 TRKS Live

CD            DESCENDENTS OF SMITH                EMI UK                CDP 790139.2 1988 12 TRKS

LP            ONCE                                                AWARENESS UK                      AWL 1018      1990 10 TRKS

CD            BURN THE WORLD                            SCIENCE FR UK  HUCD 013       1994 2 TRKS

CD            DREAM SOCIETY, THE                      HARD UP UK       HUCD 030       1998 11 TRKS

CD            HATS OFF (Collection)                        RIGHT STUFF US 27640.2           2001 14 TRK Collection

CD            BBC TAPES Vol. 2 – IN CONCERT 1974                         SCIENCE FR UK      HUCD 023         1997 11 TRKS Live, 1974

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  1. Panama says:

    The concert was recorded on video and released on DVD as Classic Rock Legends: Roy Harper.

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