Brian Ware’s List

6-7-12             Brian Ware’s List

Welsh singer Tom Jones born 1940, singer Dean Martin born 1917; Tom Jones International.

BRIAN WARE – MY TOP 20 LPS (in more or less chronological order)

1. The Beatles – “A Hard Days Night”

If you had to pick one LP to define The Beatles, in my mind it will always be this one.

2. Jack Bruce – “Songs For A Tailor”

3. Jack Bruce – “Harmony Row”

4. Jack Bruce – “Out Of The Storm”

An amazing trilogy from the early 70s that expanded the definition and bravely pushed the boundaries of rock music.

5.Steely Dan – “Pretzel Logic”

Their first six LPs all had a huge impact, but this one remains my favorite.

6. Icehouse – “Icehouse” (debut US version)

7. Ultravox – “Vienna”

The whole “new wave” thing was hard to formally define, but I sure knew it when I heard it. For me, these two still encapsulate it better than any.

8. Dirty Looks – “Dirty Looks”

9. Dirty Looks – “Turn It Up”

Everyone has their special band for which you’ve always felt like the lone fan waving the flag. This early 80s trio on Stiff records took their glorious brand of power pop to some pretty serious heights.

10. Elvis Costello – “Imperial Bedroom”

The first ten years are what really mattered, and this one remains his creative zenith.

11. Coconut Rough – “Coconut Rough” 

12. Schnell Fenster – “The Sound Of Trees”

Australasian rock music has some kind of mystical quality that has always set it apart, and these two LPs will always be definitive examples.

13. Duran Duran – “Big Thing”

Hey, no snickering! As they “matured” from the mid-80s onward, they’ve produced a respectable and often brilliant body of work. I just love this record.

14. Al Stewart – “Last Days Of The Century”

As a lifetime fan of Mr. Stewart’s vast body of work, it’s hard to choose, but this one remains very special to me.

15. The Smithereens – “11”

Everything came together for a perfect storm on this one.

16. Boom Crash Opera – “Fabulous Beast”

Damn, talk about a perfect storm… always solid but never top shelf until the third time around the block. My favorite LP of BIG BRASH ROCK MUSIC in the last 20 years.

17. Jack Hues – “The Anatomy Lesson”

Unreleased solo album from Wang Chung’s main man. Cerebral and sophisticated, a definitive statement from one of rock’s most under-appreciated artists.

18. Trevor Tanner – “Bullish, Bellyache, and Belch” 

Triple LP release from the leader of the late 80s band The Bolshoi. A DIY project in every way, 40 amazing songs that I never grow tired of hearing.

19. Keane – “Hopes And Fears”

20. Keane – “Under The Iron Sea”

My favorite “new” band. The elegant simplicity of keyboards, drums, and voice, but attention to melody that most of today’s artists show no interest in.

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1 Response to Brian Ware’s List

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Wow! Three groups account for almost a third of your list! I don’t think that I could do that even if I dared compile a list of my favorite 20 albums. That’s too difficult which is why I retreated to the B-sides.

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