Edgar Froese

6-6-12             Edgar Froese

Tangerine Dream leader Edgar Froese born 1944, jazz guitarist Grant Green born 1931; I own music by both (Edgar).

I remember hearing Tangerine Dream being spoken about, long before I ever heard them.  Synthesizer music was coming up in the early 70’s, but it seemed like few bands really had any idea at all what to actually do with the synthesizer…

The big attraction to Tangerine Dream and the solo albums of Edgar Froese was that the mellotron was used extensively.  No, it’s not a synthesizer, but it’s certainly has as unique a sound as any synthesizer.

LPx2       AGES                                        VIRGIN UK    VD 2507

1978 9 TRKS

CD           AQUA                                        VIRGIN UK    CDV 2016

1974 4 TRKS 1st CD issue

LP           AQUA                                        BRAIN DE     BRAIN 1053

1974 4 TRKS

CDx2       BEYOND THE STORM (Collection)              CAROLINE US      CAROL 1895.2

1995 28 TRK Collection

LP           MACULA TRANSFER               BRAIN DE     60.008

1976 5 TRKS

LP           PINNACLES                              VIRGIN UK    V 2277

1983 4 TRKS

LP           STUNTMAN                              VIRGIN UK    V 2139

1979 6 TRKS

LP           YPSILON IN MALAYSIAN PALE                     BRAIN DE     BRAIN 1074

1975 2 TRKS

I did my best to keep up with Tangerine Dream / Edgar Froese, but once the U.S. releases and soundtracks started coming, it was difficult.  I’m not detailing Tangerine Dream today, but there are so many soundtrack titles, even I can keep ‘em all straight!

“Aqua” is the best place to start with Edgar Froese’s solo albums.  It was made concurrent to or after Tangerine Dream’s “Phaedra”, the album I always suggest starting with – no, not their first album!  “Aqua” had a U.S. issue, so it was somewhat easier to hear than many other Froese solo albums.

I remember being really excited to get “Ypsilon in Malaysian Pale” as a new release in 1975.  I was still a little ‘space cadet’ then – a somewhat derogatory nickname for then-fans of synthesizer music from Germany.  By the time of “Macula Transfer” (1976), I had moved on; German synthesizer music was no longer of primary interest.  I picked other Froese solo albums, as I found ‘em – some, many years after the fact.

Oddly, his stuff has gone in and out of print on CD over the years.  Along the way, covers got changed – I think albums got remixed?  Start with “Aqua” and advise.

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