Monochrome Set – Platinum Coils

5-30-12          Monochrome Set – Platinum Coils

Indie rock guy Devendra Barnhart born 1981, the guy I saw at “Airs” in Nishi-Shinjuku Tom Morello, born 1964; I own music by neither.

There is apparently a 2012 Monochrome set available from Mr. Bid / The Monochrome Set.  I guess Bid went back to the “brand” when people quit taking notice of Scarlett’s Well releases?  And Lester Square!

What goes through my mind when I see a new release like this offered?

1)     Will the Japanese issue have a nicer package, and / or be a kami sleeve?  Will the Jpn issue have bonus track(s)?

2)     Should I mail-order it from England / Elsewhere when it might get a proper US issue?

3)     TMS haven’t had an album since 1995’s “Trinity Road” and I was on the fence about all the Scarlett’s Well albums…I think I got the first four…

4)     Will someone in California stock this CD?  Amoeba SF, perhaps?

5)     Will someone I know jump the gun and mail-order several copies and send one to me before I can buy it myself?

6)     It’s £11.00 – how much is that in dollars?  Yes, I know I could look it up on!  (Add shipping)

7)     I do kind of like the idea of buying it directly from the band (via PayPal).

8)     Probably no chance of an audiophile edition of this title, so holding of breath not allowed.

9)     I will definitely want an original of this title; not a burn; not a download.  I would even consider a vinyl version of it, if presented.

10)  I have met Mr. Bid, when he came to Los Angeles a few years back – so, this qualifies as an artist that I have met (I already have his autograph), seen play live on stage etc.

The last Scritti Politti (2006: “White Bread Black Beer”) CD of new work came out in Japan with a DVD; the last A Certain Ratio (2010: “Mind Made Up”) was completely excellent.  Not sure how many other candles I can still hold, for British bands!

So, what should I do, readers?  Empty the PayPal account and get it now, or WAIT – and see what happens?

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