Ken Heaton’s List

5-17-12          Ken Heaton’s List

Drummer Bill Bruford born 1949, bluesman Taj Mahal born 1940; Feels Good To Me.

From Ken Heaton, the leader of my band!  Sort of fitting that Ken is such a Yes fan and today is Bill Bruford’s birthday!

Ken’s Top Twenty Hit Parade

Song or Album                                                     Artist

Good Morning World                                             Kahimi Karie

Ritual                                                                     Little Dragon

Seventeen Seconds (Album)                                The Cure

Evolution                                                                Ayumi Hamasaki

Feeding  The Wise                                                Orangey

Tears Of A Clown                                                 Smoky Robinson & The Miracles

Where Did Our Love Go?                                     Diana Ross & The Supremes

Going Up The Country                                          Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

(Baby) Hold Me Tight                                             Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Bellisima (Album)                                                  Pizzicato Five

Give Blood                                                             Pete Townsend

Modern Dance (Album)                                         Pere Ubu

Four On Six                                                           Wes Montgomery

Technodon Live (Album)                                       YMO

Heartbeat (Album)                                                 Ryuichi Sakamoto

Won’t Get Fooled Again                                        The Who

Yessongs (Album)                                                Yes

And You And I                                                        Yes

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