Bob Gaulke’s List

5-15-12          Bob Gaulke’s List

Knob twiddler Brian Eno born 1948, multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield born 1953; I own music by both.

20 best albums Ron hipped me to:

1. I Am Joe’s Music – s/t
2. Kewi University of Swing – Terracotta Me Baby
3. Melon – Do You Like Japan?
4. Leonard Cohen – Various Positions
5. Peter Blegvad – Naked Shakespeare
6. Family – Music In A Doll’s House
7. Mam – Ontwik
8. V.A. – La Grande Parade (not on CD!)
9. Gruppo Sportivo – The Buddy Odor Stop
10. Y.M.O. – Service
11. The Slits – Cut
12. Magazine – Secondhand Daylight
13. The Fugs – 1st
14. Ivor Cutler – Ludo
15. Etienne Daho – Mythomane (Does Bob like the LP mix or CD mix?)
16. Les Rita Mitsouko – The No Comprendo
17. Blam Blam Blam – Luxury Length
18. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia
19. Models – Local And / Or General
20. John Cage / David Tudor – Indeterminacy

I usually never know when I try to turn someone on to an album if they like it right away; sometimes people react (as Bob usually did), sometimes – nothing – and then the album turns up on their “Best Of” List 20 years later. – RK


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One Response to Bob Gaulke’s List

  1. Bob Gaulke says:

    re: “Mythomane”-the LP mix, natch…I think you and Jacno shared an aesthetic…

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