Time Machine 1972

5-14-12                     Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of May 15, 1972

Caught my eye:

AMON DUUL II – Carnival In Babylon (United Artists UAS-5586) (LP/CD)

ARTHUR LEE – Vindicator (A&M SP-4356)

MOUNTAIN – Road Goes Ever On (Windfall 5502)

Slow-ish week for ’72.  Krautrock from ADII, in every 99 cent bin, at the time.  Former Love frontman Arthur Lee with his debut solo album.  Live album from hard rockers Mountain.

Also of interest:

MILLER ANDERSON – Bright City (Deram DES-18062)

SAMMY DAVIS JR. – “Live” (MGM SE-4811) (LP)

LITTLE JIMMY OSMOND – Long Haired Lover From Liverpool (MGM / Kolob SE-4001)

MIKE CURB CONGREGATION – See You In September (MGM SE-4844) (LP)

Miller Anderson would eventually work with Jimmy McCulloch.  Sammy’s MGM LP’s are all fairly special, and this is no exception.  Worst album on this list?  Proof that not everything released in 1972 was good?  Look no further than the debut Little Jimmy Osmond LP.  So bad, it’s oppressive!  EZ vocal hits from Mike Curb & Co. – some serious EZ chorus vocals.

Notable singles:

DADDY COOL – Daddy Rocks Off b/w I’ll Never Smile Again (Reprise 1090)

HOT BUTTER – Popcorn (Musicor 1458)

ARTHUR LEE – Love Jumped Through My Window b/w Everybody’s Gotta Live (A&M AM-1361)

Wow, a Daddy Cool (Ross Wilson) single that isn’t “Eagle Rock”!  Big novelty synthesizer hit for Hot Butter.  And the Arthur Lee single the same week as the LP!

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