Mother’s Day

This coming Sunday is going to be Mother’s Day.  Yes, my Mother is still alive – at 91 years of age!

My Mother always encouraged me; when I wanted long hair (many years ago), my Dad said “No” – but Mom always said “Only if you keep it clean!”.

Generally speaking, she knows who she is and where she is.  We keep a newspaper on the kitchen table, to address the date.  Our home has a strict schedule: gardener comes on Tuesday AM, trash goes out Thursday AM.  We also have a cleaning lady that comes in (once a month) and my Mom likes to visit her hairdresser – she was a hairdresser, back in her working life!

So, if your Mother is still alive and walking around – take care of her this coming Sunday.  If not, get your best stuff ready; chances are your Mom helped you at some point, so say “Thank you” in whatever way is possible.

– RK

= = =

Found a dynamite Italian 50’s sampler LP this week, for 99 cents:

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