Dana Madore’s List

5-10-12                     Dana Madore’s List

Scottish Singer / Songwriter Donovan Leitch born 1946, reggae great Sly Dunbar born 1952; Elevator In The Brain Hotel.

1. SKID ROW Skid (the IRISH BAND) (1970)

2. THE SOFT MACHINE The Soft Machine (1967)

3. STRAY DOG Stray Dog (1973)

4. EIRE APPARENT Sunrise (1967)

5. TASTE On The Boards (1969)

6. THE SOUND From The Lion’s Mouth (1981)

7. HARD MEAT Hard Meat / Through A Window (1970/1970)

8. JETHRO TULL This Was (1968)

9. FREE Free (1969)

10. BLUE CHEER Outsideinside (1968)

11. THE MOVE Shazam (1970)

12. THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE Are You Experienced? (1967)

13. FLEETWOOD MAC Then Play On (1969)

14. THE GROUNDHOGS Split (1970)

15. TRAPEZE You Are The Music… We’re Just The Band (1972)

16. DUNCAN BROWNE Streets Of Fire (1979)

17. KEVIN AYERS Joy Of A Toy (1969)

18. TOM VERLAINE Dreamtime (1981)

19. METRO Future Imperfect (1980)

20. TRAPEZE Medusa (1970)

I’ve known Dana for over 40 years.  Let me just say that his Top 20 makes perfect sense to me, even if we don’t share the exact same world view.

Dana and I see each other about once a week.  Typically, we go to dinner, and to the grocery store together.  We talk about everything / anything under the blood red sun.

Dana is one of my oldest and best friends.  I owe a lot of my musical education to Dana.

One of the project we discuss is writing down all of his music business stories in book form; sounds easy, but – there are so many, it’s a daunting task.  I keep saying “Timeline” to him.

Thank you for being my friend, Dana.

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One Response to Dana Madore’s List

  1. Dana says:

    … and THANK YOU, RON for being MY good friend! Thanks for the nice words !!!

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