Time Machine 1972

4-30-12                     Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of May 1, 1972

Caught my eye:

ALEXIS KORNER – Bootleg Him (Warner Brothers 2XS-196) double LP

FREE – Free At Last (A&M SP-4349)

PERCY FAITH – Joy (Columbia CQ-31301) (LP) quad

STEPHEN STILLS – Manassas (Atlantic SD 2-903) double LP (LP)

I remember not knowing who Alexis Korner was, yet being intrigued by this LP.  Rockin’ Free!  I think my dad got the Percy Faith LP at the time.  This must be the non-hit Steven Stills LP with “It Doesn’t Matter” that Firefall eventually made into an FM hit.

Also of interest:

JIM CROCE – You Don’t Mess Around With Jim (ABC X-756)

REDD FOXX – Sanford and Foxx (Dooto 853)

NAZARETH (Warner Brothers BS 2615)

JEFF BECK GROUP (Epic KE-31331) (CD)

CHAKACHAS – Jungle Fever (Polydor 24-5504) (CD)

The debut Jim Croce LP?  “Sanford & Son” cash-in from Redd Foxx’s previous label.  U.S. debut of British hard rockers Nazareth.  Jazz rock from Jeff Beck.  I can’t bring the cover to the Chakachas LP to mind – they’re Belgian (Louis DePrijk, to be exact).

Notable singles:

PYTHON LEE JACKSON – In A Broken Dream (2 Parts) (GNP Crescendo 449)

IAN MATTHEWS – Tigers Will Survive b/w Hope You Know (Vertigo 105)

NEIL DIAMOND – Song Sung Blue b/w Gitchy Goomy (Uni 55326)

FREE – Sail On b/w Little Bit Of Love (A&M AM-1352)

GREENFIELD & COOK – Only Lies (Polydor 15032)

Rod Stewart sang this Python lee Jackson song, and it attracted a lot of attention.  Yet another Vertigo single for Ian Matthews.  Big hit for Neil Diamond, soon to leave Uni.  Non-hit Free 45, from a great album.  Dutch ‘harmony pop’ from the Dutch duo Greenfield & Cook – took me years to hear this band, and this song.  Cool stuff.  I never knew it had a U.S. issue.  There must’ve been something in the water – U.S. labels were sure releasing a lot of European stuff around this time.  Midem conventions must’ve been a lot of fun!

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