Frank Zappa Re-issues

There is a possibility that they could “right some wrongs” by issuing the vinyl mixes of “Hot Rats” and “Ruben & The Jets” on CD…

I wonder why they’re missing a few?  I understand why there’s no “200 Motels”, but the others?

I asked a friend at Universal L.A. about these re-issues… I will advise.

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3 Responses to Frank Zappa Re-issues

  1. thisisjohnbook says:

    I remember when there were issues with the 200 MOTELS CD reissue a few years ago. Not sure if it’s the reason, but the soundtrack is owned by United Artists, which would be Capitol. However, with Universal looking to purchase EMI, maybe it was because the title was unavailable for licensing. If the Universal/EMI deal goes through, perhaps 200 MOTELS will follow.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    200 Motels on Ryko was part of their MGM series, so at some point – MGM must’ve bought United Artists films?

  3. In case you don’t know…
    RUBEN is the overdubbed version – the original is available from the Zappa website on the over-expensive “Greasy Love Songs” CD
    HOT RATS and WEASELS are the original mix/edits – in other words, certain songs are SHORTER (!!!) than the Ryko editions
    FILLMORE has Willie Part 2 restored
    SHEIK has the end of I’m So Cute restored
    SLEEP DIRT is the original mix/edit – so no Thana (why can’t we have both versions of those songs – there’s room enough!)

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