4-25-12          Genesis

Singer Ella Fitzgerald born 1918, bluesman Albert King born 1923; The Blues.

Well, lately been talking about Pink Floyd and Yes – so, thought I’d weigh in on Genesis.

First heard ‘em on the FM radio in the fall of 1972, likely “Foxtrot” – which was a new release at the time.  It was easy enough to find their LP in stores; I waited until I found a “used promo” copy for $1.  Alas, a U.S. issue of “Foxtrot”.

I had long-prepped to hear music of this nature.  By 1972, I’d been a Procol Harum and Moody Blues fan for approx. 5 years; I got to Van der Graaf Generator before Genesis, though, so I always kind of liked them a bit better.  To their advantage, I really liked The Famous Charisma Label, although all I’d seen were U.S. issues – Bo Hansson, Spreadeagle, Capability Brown etc.

I don’t remember how long it took me to get to “Selling England By The Pound”; but I did buy their U.S. 45, “I Know What I Like” b/w “Twilight Ale House” (which was almost 8 minutes long!).

Just like with Yes, I shy’d away from the forthcoming double LP by Genesis.  I didn’t need more Genesis, I needed ‘better’ Genesis.  I sufficed my interest by buying British pressings of what I could find on Genesis; LP’s like “Trespass”, “Nursery Cryme” etc.

In addition to “Foxtrot”, I heard something on the FM radio off of “Genesis to Revelations” that I rather enjoyed.

So, over the last few years, I went out of my way to get a UK version of their earliest CD boxed set – all the Charisma label albums from “Trespass” to “The Lamb” as SA-CD’s – still haven’t warmed to “The Lamb”, I’m afraid.  Rather nice to wander through “Trespass” and “Nursery Crymes” as 5.1 discs, on SA-CD.

The bonus disc in the boxed set has some otherwise unavailable stuff, which is rather nice.  Yes, it has “Twilight Ale House” in 5.1!  I eventually got 5.1 SA-CD’s for “A Trick Of The Tail” and “Wind & Wuthering”, but nothing else in Box #2 interested me.

Would consider “Genesis Live” as a 5.1 SA-CD, if I could find it inexpensively.  Have already recently written about Peter Gabriel’s Realworld Records; I like some of that stuff; but almost unilaterally, it has nought to do with Genesis.

In 2012, I hear the equipment used to make those records – the use of a “new” mellotron, some ‘dated’ studio effects on vocals; acoustic drums etc.

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