5.1 DVD Recorder?

A friend recently copied the 5.1 DVD-A inside of the expensive boxed set of “Quadrophenia” by The Who for me.  So, a DVD burner can copy 5.1 audio.

As I am lucky enough to live in a primary TV market, we have stations broadcasting TV shows in 5.1 audio, apparently.  One show that I sometimes watch, “Unforgettable” (CBS) always says it’s being broadcast in 5.1 – does anybody sell a consumer DVD recorder that will record 5.1 audio from a terrestrial broadcast?


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2 Responses to 5.1 DVD Recorder?

  1. Warren Bowman says:

    Also, you might try recording your show onto your standard DVD recorder, and then playing it back on your 5.1 system, and see what happens. As I understand it, the 5.1 information is encoded into the stereo audio signal, and is extracted by whatever receiving device is 5.1 capable. It is possible that DVD’s burned on your existing device will pass that encoded information to your 5.1 audio system.

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