Time Machine 1972 (Phonolog)

3-26-12                     Time Machine 1972

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of March 27, 1972

Caught my eye:

TEN YEARS AFTER – Alvin Lee & Company (Deram XDES 18064) (LP)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Big Sur Festival (Columbia KC-31138) (LP)

CREAM – Live Cream, Vol. II (Atco SD 7005) (LP)

AL KOOPER – Possible Projection Of The Future / Childhood’s End  (Columbia KC-31159) (LP/CD)

Deram cash-in with a TYA collection.  Big Sur Festival live record has Taj Mahal, Joan Baez, Kris Kristofferson, Mickey Newbury etc.  More live Cream from the vaults.  And a new Al Kooper record (the single of “Monkey Time” preceded it).

Also of interest:

RORY GALLAGHER – Deuce (Atco SD 7004)

FIELDS (Epic E-31154)

60,000,000 BUFFALO – Nevada Jukebox (Atco SD 33-384)

Atco had Taste, Rory Gallagher’s band, so it makes sense that Polydor England licensed his solo debut to Atco.  Never knew Fields (which included Rare Bird members) came out in the U.S. – I don’t recall ever seeing a copy.  Certainly never saw the 60,000,00 Buffalo LP – it must be one of the last numbered Atco SD 33-3xx series, eh?

Notable singles:

RINGO STARR – Back Off Boogaloo b/w Blindman (Apple 1849)

GARY OWENS – Foonman Airlines b/w The Presidents (Lion / Pride 107)

DR. JOHN – Iko Iko (Atco 6882)

A wonderful Ringo A-side!  His best?  I never knew that the Gary Owens 45 came before his astonishing “Put Your Head On My Finger” LP.  And a neat A-side from Dr. John (is this the single from “Gumbo”?)  Also a ton of Project 3 label singles released this week – ‘easy listening jukebox’ fodder?

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